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Helvetia protection forest commitment

Whether we are travelling in a car, or hiking or skiing, we often underestimate how much forests contribute to our safety. Protection forests are planted especially to protect us from four key threats: rockfall, landslides, mudslides and avalanches. This long-term voluntary commitment to protection forests is part of the environment-related corporate responsibility activities of Helvetia Group.
Our commitment in short
Since 2011 Helvetia supports the (re-)planting and preservation of protection forests. We place an emphasis on prevention, the implementation of measures where damage occurs and the subsequent rectification of this damage. A number of conditions are applied to the protection forest projects. The projects:
  • should each include 10,000 trees or more.
  • must be carefully prepared, with the forestry needs and requirements being clarified.
  • start with the initial planting of a few trees; the entire planting process can extend over several years.
Alpine Protection Forest Award
Helvetia is an official partner of the alpine protection forest award of the consortium of alpine forestry associations (ARGE). Since 2006, excellent projects for maintaining and improving protection forests in the Alps have been awarded the prize every year. The award emphasises the importance of intact and sustainably managed protection forests.