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Financial Presentations

Helvetia presents its equity story and strategy at investor conferences and analyst events. The presentations used can be downloaded here.
03.02 Helvetia Group: 2021 in review EN PDF
29.01. Helvetia Group: 2020 in review EN                                                    PDF       
03.11. Investor presentation EN PDF
27.01. Helvetia Group: 2019 in review EN PDF
14.04. Investment portfolio: energy exposure EN PDF
14.05. Investor presentation May 2020 EN PDF
05.11. Investor presentation November 2020 EN PDF
11.01. Baader Helvea Swiss Equities Conference EN PDF
21.01. Helvetia Group: 2018 in review EN PDF
06.03. Helvetia investment case 2019 EN PDF
08.05. Investor presentation May 2019 EN PDF
05.01. Helvetia Group: 2017 in review
30.05. J.P. Morgan European Insurance Conference EN PDF
20.06. Roadshow Milano/Lugano EN PDF
12.01. Baader Helvea Swiss Equities Conference 2017 EN PDF
13.01. Helvetia Group: 2016 in review EN PDF
15.09. UBS Best of Switzerland Conference EN PDF
20.09. Baader Investment Conference EN PDF
Information session on IFRS 17 EN DE PDF
08.01. Helvetia Group: 2015 under review EN PDF
14.01. Helvea Swiss Equities Conference 2016 EN PDF
25.05. Berenberg European Conference USA 2016 EN PDF
Vontobel Summer Conference 2016 EN PDF
15.09. UBS Best of Switzerland Conference 2016 EN PDF
06.12. Berenberg European Conference 2016 EN PDF
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