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Unique. Strong. Our brand.

Since 1 November 2017, we have been pursuing a new promise: "simple. clear. helvetia". Using a small number of words, we tell stories and evoke images of everyday life.

The campaign based around our triads is part of the helvetia 20.20 corporate strategy. It illustrates our most important goal: to offer you simple solutions.


No more incomprehensible terminology or complex wording! We make the world of insurance comprehensible and accessible.


We offer you short paths that take you where you want to go. This way, we find you an individual solution that is optimized and transparent.


This is the answer to all your questions about insurance and pensions. Follow us on the way to simple, clear solutions.

  • Brand strategy
  • Triads of a customer advisor

A glance back at the past

Helvetia has been around since 1858. The product of mergers between various Swiss and foreign insurance companies, we have grown into a successful European insurance group.

Over the course of our history, we have repeatedly faced new challenges. Thanks to a good balance between security and entrepreneurial freedom, we remained true to ourselves. We built on our success and strengthened our reputation. In everyday life people normally look ahead to the future. But we are also entitled to take pride in our past: In our anniversary publication you will find voices and thoughts on the first 150 years of Helvetia.

2017 Launch of the new brand campaign.
2016 The major Gotthard Basel Tunnel Construction Site Insurance project is completed.
2015 The merger of Helvetia and Nationale Suisse, which was announced on 7 July 2014, is completed. On 30 April 2015, Schweizerische National-Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG was integrated in Helvetia Schweizerische Versicherungsgesellschaft AG.
2010 Purchase of the Swiss insurance companies Alba Allgemeine Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG (Alba), Phenix Versicherungsgesellschaft AG and Phenix Lebensversicherungsgesellschaft AG (Phenix).
2011 Legal merger with Alba Allgemeine Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG (Alba), Phenix Versicherungsgesellschaft AG and Phenix  Lebensversicherungsgesellschaft AG (Phenix). Sale of the Alba/Phenix health/accident insurance portfolio to the insurance companies innova and Solida.
2012 Takeover of the French transport insurance portfolio of Gan Eurocourtage. Assumption of a Nationale Suisse share package from Basler Kantonalbank. Takeover of the SEV Versicherungen Genossenschaft portfolio and its approximately 15,000 policyholders. Acquisition of a majority stake in Chiara Assicurazioni and increase of holding in Chiara Vita from 70% to 100%. Extension of distribution agreement with Banco di Desio for the sale of life insurance.
2013 Completion of majority acquisition of Chiara Assicurazioni. Renewal of partnership with Bank Vontobel. Increase of holding in Nationale Suisse to 17.7%.
2014 Purchase of Basler Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft in Austria. Following the acquisition, Helvetia becomes one of the top-ten insurance companies in Austria. Takeover of Schweizerische National-Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG (“Nationale Suisse”). A new strong Swiss insurance company emerges under the Helvetia brand.
2000 Acquisition of Previsión Española, Seville.
2001 Acquisition of Norwich Union Vita, Milan; renamed Helvetia Life; foundation of Helvetia e.com in Germany (now Helvetia Leben Maklerservice GmbH).
2002 Acquisition of the transport insurance business of UK-based Royal & Sun Alliance in France.
2003 Merger of the two Spanish companies Helvetia CVN and Previsión Española to create Helvetia Previsión with its headquarters in Seville.
2004 Acquisition of two transport insurance portfolios in France.
Merger of the Italian companies Helvetia Vita and Helvetia Life to create Helvetia Vita with its headquarters in Milan; acquisition of the insurance portfolio of Sofi d Vita in Italy.
2006 Helvetia Patria Group now operates under the name Helvetia.
2008 Helvetia celebrates its 150th anniversary; takeover of Padana Assicurazioni S.p.A. and Chiara Vita S.p.A. as well as conclusion of a distribution agreement with Banco di Desio e della Brianza.
2009 Helvetia purchases the French transport insurer L´Européenne d´Assurance Transport (CEAT).
1990 Reassumption of business activities by Helvetia in the new German federal states.
1992 Start of partnership between Helvetia and Patria.
1993 Helvetia holds 99.9% of the shares of Anker; in France it focuses on the transport insurance business.
1994 Unified Executive Management of Helvetia and Patria.
1995 Helvetia sells its Dutch business.
1996 Foundation of Helvetia Patria Holding; cooperation agreement with the Vontobel Bank Group.
1997 Sale of Greek business.
1998 Purchase of La Vasco Navarra, Pamplona (Spain); purchase of NCD portfolio (Italy).
1999 Cooperation agreement with the Swiss Raiffeisen Group; merger of the two Spanish companies Cervantes and La Vasco Navarra to create Helvetia CVN; sale of the Canadian business.
1980 Patria acquires Hamburger Leben in Germany.
1986 Helvetia Feuer acquires Cervantes and sells Uranus S.A.
1987 Foundation of Helvetia Leben Deutschland, Frankfurt am Main, and Helvetia Vita, Milan.
1988 Liquidation of Helvetia Feuer and Helvetia Unfall business combination; Helvetia Feuer becomes Helvetia.
1989 Foundation of Helvetia International, Frankfurt am Main; start of cooperation with Helvetia Krankenversicherung (now Helsana).
1972 Helvetia Feuer sells its holding in Assurances Françaises; Patria enters the non-life business with the foundation of Patria Allgemeinen.
1974 Helvetia Feuer and Helvetia Allgemeine merge to become Helvetia Feuer.
1960 Helvetia Feuer obtains a holding in Assurances Françaises in Lyon.
1962 Helvetia Feuer acquires a stake in Anker.
1968 Merger of Helvetia Feuer and Helvetia Unfall (twin shares); Helvetia Feuer withdraws from its US business.
1951 In addition to property insurance, Helvetia Feuer in Germany also offers liability, accident and motor vehicle insurance; in the Netherlands it acquires Het Hollandsche Kruis N. V. Verzekering Maatschappij in The Hague.
1959 Helvetia Feuer acquires a stake in Previsión Española; accident, liability and motor vehicle insurance is introduced in Italy.
1945 Helvetia Feuer is licensed for reinsurance in all sectors.
1946 Helvetia Feuer acquires the Belgian insurance company Uranus S.A. in Antwerp; German headquarters are moved from Berlin to Frankfurt am Main.
1948 Helvetia Feuer takes up business operations in property insurance in Italy.
1949 Helvetia Allgemeine acquires a majority stake in Les Assurances Françaises in Lyon.
1930 Foundation of Cervantes in Madrid.
1938 Helvetia Feuer sets up headquarters for Germany in Berlin; starts business operations in Canada.
1921 Helvetia Feuer starts business operations in Paris, France; Anker introduces property insurance.
1910 Schweizerische Sterbe- und Alterskasse changes its name to Patria, Schweizerische Lebensversicherungsgesellschaft auf Gegenseitigkeit.
1918 The end of the Austrian monarchy means that Anker has to withdraw from some business areas.
1900 Foundation of La Vasco Navarra in Pamplona, Spain.
1895 Schweizerische Sterbe- und Alterskasse merges with the Bernese Cantonal Sterbe- und Alterskasse.
1896 Helvetia Feuer starts business operations in New York in the US.
1882 Basler Sterbe- und Alterskasse changes its name to Schweizerische Sterbe- und Alterskasse.
1883 Foundation of Previsión Española in Seville, Spain.
1876 Helvetia Feuer opens a branch in California in the US.
1878 Foundation of Basler Sterbe- und Alterskasse in Basel.
1861 Foundation of Helvetia Schweizerische Feuerversicherungsgesellschaft in St Gall.
1862 Helvetia Feuer starts business operations in Germany (Bremen and Hamburg).
1864 First own German branch of Helvetia Feuer (Karlsruhe), Anker opens tenth branch (Salzburg) and first representative offices outside of the Austrian Empire.
1869 Anker introduces accident insurance and moves its headquarters to Hohe Markt, Vienna.

Foundation of Allgemeine Versicherungsgesellschaft Helvetia in St Gall.

Foundation of Der Anker, Gesellschaft für Lebens- und Rentenversicherung in Vienna.