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Alpine Protection Forest Award 2018

On 1 February 2019, the consortium of forestry associations from the Alpine regions (ARGE) met for the thirteenth time to present the Helvetia Alpine Protection Forest Award.

14 projects and ideas were submitted from Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. The international jury honoured the following projects with an award:

“School projects” category

The Dwarf Land forest playgroup from Graubünden, Switzerland, impressed the jury with fun activities outside of the family home for children aged 4 – 5, encouraging contact with the forest in close collaboration with the forestry service and in an age-appropriate way. 

“PR work, innovation and protection forest partnerships” category

The Tyrol project "Protection forest fairytales" encourages children to help the protection forest, the trees and their guardians. In particular the Lechtal forest dwarf called Almajuri is counting on them.

“Successful projects” category

With the Vorarlberg project "Blons avalanche protection forest – Rebuilding after the disaster" nature-preserving forestry and consistent cloven-hoofed game hunting are managed in an exemplary way. Commendable activities in the area of PR have been achieved with the establishment of the avalanche documentation centre and an avalanche nature trail.

The jury's “special prize”

Frümsen is located in the Werdenberg region at the foot of the steep wooded peaks of the Alpstein. Changes in cultivation have caused the walnut tree to almost disappear in the region. Yet for a few years now, the Sennwald forest association has been reintroducing the walnut tree to the forest and the surrounding farmlands.

Ruedi Walli becomes the fourth protection-forest patron

For the fourth time, the Consortium of Alpine Forestry Associations have awarded the title of “protection-forest patron”. This year, carpenter and timber house builder Ruedi Walli from Fideris in the Prättigau region has been recognized. He ran his family’s wood building company, Ruwa, in its second generation and has now passed it on to the third generation. Through his life's work and living by his values, Ruedi Walli has promoted the wise use of forests, in harmony with nature.