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Helvetia is climate-neutral

Greenhouse gases have a global impact. In addition to various measures to prevent emissions, Helvetia voluntarily compensates for its other unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions and thus finances climate protection projects in developing countries.
Alexandra Sauer
"As of 2018, Helvetia is a CO2-neutral company. We are proud of this."
Kristine Schulze, Head Corporate Responsibility Helvetia Konzern

As a climate-friendly company, Helvetia strives to keep its ecological footprint as small as possible. This is why we contribute to climate protection with climate-conscious actions in our day-to-day business and targeted energy efficiency measures. True to the motto “Avoid, reduce and compensate”, Helvetia makes a voluntary compensatory contribution for all carbon dioxide emissions that cannot be avoided in order to save them elsewhere.

The brochure “CO2. Reduced. Climate-neutral.” contains more detailed information on Helvetia’s carbon footprint and how we reduce and offset it.

CO2. Reduced. Climate-neutral.

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The following downloads and links provide further information on the climate protection projects supported by Helvetia.

Downloads & links
"Partners for Climate Protection" certificate
Share absolute CO2 emissions in 2019
Development of CO2 emissions per employee (FTE) in kg
Wind farms in Aruba carbon offset project
Forest protection in Brazil offset project
Ovens in Tanzania offset project