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Responsible Investment

The integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects plays a key role in our investment process. As an insurance company, we want to invest our clients' money safely, profitably and with a long-term view.

ESG factors in investments

Helvetia considers ESG criteria in addition to financial aspects in its investment processes. This helps us to identify further risks and opportunities beyond traditional financial analysis. We are convinced that ESG integration will lead to better long-term investment decisions.

We use the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) as a framework for sustainable action. Responsibility for the systematic consideration of ESG aspects in asset management lies with the Chief Investment Officer (CIO). Strategic decisions for sustainable investments are made by Group Investment and approved by the Corporate Executive Board and the Board of Directors.

Financial investments

The financial investment portfolio has a sustainability rating of "A" (AAA = highest rating, CCC = lowest rating). We review this rating every six months based on ESG information from MSCI. Additionally, we regularly analyse the carbon footprint of our investment portfolio as well as other indicators.

Share of financial assets with ESG assessment Helvetia Group

AAA 9.42 %
AA 33.52 %
A 25.2 %
BBB 24.96 %
BB 4.77 %
B 1.51 %
CCC 0.62 %
Composition of the sustainability rating of our financial assets (source: MSCI ESG Research)
Rating Share Description
AAA 9.42 % low risk
AA 33.52 % low risk
A 25.2 % moderate risk
BBB 24.96 % moderate risk
BB 4.77 % moderate risk
B 1.51 % high risk
CCC 0.62 % high risk

Switzerland as a sustainable financial centre

Helvetia works together with other financial service providers, investors, academia and organisations to promote a more sustainable Swiss financial centre. Among other things, we are a founding member of "Swiss Sustainable Finance", the Swiss industry platform for sustainable investment. Together we identify environmental and social impacts and discuss ESG issues that need to be addressed. In a continuous exchange with relevant stakeholders, we develop the approach to be taken and our understanding to these issues.

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Gianna Müller

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