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Media release

" Gemischtes Doppel – A perfect match" – Helvetia Art Foyer presents artistic elective affinities

The exhibition "Gemischtes Doppel – A perfect match" at the Helvetia Art Foyer presents elective affinities between selected works from the company's own art collection. The Helvetia Art Foyer is open on Thursdays from 4-8 p.m. and admission is free.
Like a blind date, the new exhibition in the Helvetia Art Foyer at Steinengraben in Basel brings together pairs of works that were created independently of each other and – at first sight, at least – seem completely unrelated. And yet, despite being created by different artists at different times, using different techniques and formats, there is often a striking formal or substantive affinity between each pair. In this exhibition, 15 selected pairs of artworks from Helvetia's collection are presented in close proximity. That is an invitation to explore the works by taking a comparative view.
Kinship of analogies
Hugo Weber’s drawing of a circle, created by an expressive gesture, is paired with Franziska Furter's ring sculpture, with its precise wire winding. The miniature painting of a butterfly by Niklaus Stoecklin encounters the large-format charcoal drawing of a moth by huber.huber. And it is not just the dark foreboding of the titles that links Christine Streuli's "Warpainting" and Serge Brignoni’s "Pollution atomique"; they also show an excessive colourfulness.
Commitment to art
The Helvetia Art Foyer is an exhibition space at Helvetia’s head office in Basel that is open to the public. Pieces from Helvetia’s own collection are presented to a broad audience in monographic, dialogue-based and thematic exhibitions. The international insurance group’s art collection, with some 1,800 pieces by around 400 artists, is one of the most significant in the area of contemporary Swiss art. In addition, selected artists are invited to the Helvetia Art Foyer for solo exhibitions. A further expression of Helvetia’s commitment to the arts is the Helvetia Art Prize, awarded once a year to an up-and-coming artist.
Key data on the exhibition "Gemischtes Doppel – A perfect match"
21 February 2019 to 23 May 2019
Every Thursday from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. (except 18 April)
Helvetia Art Foyer, Steinengraben 25, 4051 Basel
Admission is free
Information for media representatives
Journalists may visit "Gemischtes Doppel – A perfect match" outside of opening hours. To take advantage of this opportunity, please contact the Helvetia media unit:
Telephone: +41 (0)58 280 50 33

Ursula Mumenthaler: Room no.8, 1999 / Tobias Nussbaumer: untitled (KUB2), 201
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Contact information
Jonas Grossniklaus
Senior Manager Corporate Communications & PR
Telefon: +41 58 280 50 33
Jonas Grossniklaus
Senior Manager Corporate Communications & PR
Telefon: +41 58 280 50 33