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Legal advice. What to watch out for when purchasing real estate.

Buying a house or apartment is a big step. That is why the best possible preparation is so important. YLEX offers fast, professional support with legal issues – regardless of whether you have made a claim.
Purchasing existing property
Have you found the property that is right for you? Take an expert along with you when you inspect it. They will know what you need to look out for. But also pay attention to your gut feeling. Did you have a good feeling during the inspection? Was the seller able to answer your questions?
New build
If you as the building principal are acting together with an architect, it is up to you to conclude the contracts with the different tradespeople involved and coordinate construction work. Alternatively, you can commission a general contractor to perform these tasks for you. Either way, it is important that the partners you work with are trustworthy.
What you should know about condominium ownership.
Condominium ownership is a special form of co-ownership by which you acquire a certain share in a property. That entails both rights and obligations.