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Career at Helvetia

Helvetia views its employees as the most important factor in its success and attaches great importance to ensuring equal opportunities. Helvetia employees demonstrate great personal commitment and are dedicated to achieving the company’s objectives.
Number of

Market Number of Employees Remarks
Switzerland 2016 3,376 Employees 3,376 full-time equivalents
Switzerland 2015 3,478 Employees 3,478 full-time equivalents
Europe 2016 2,609 Employees 2609 full-time equivalents
Europe 2015 2,697 Employees 2,697 full-time equivalents
Specialty Markets 2016 496 Employees 496 full-time equivalents
Specialty Markets 2015 500 Employees 500 full-time equivalents
Number of Trainees Trainees Remarks
Number of Trainees 2016 285 Trainees 285 Trainees
Number of Trainees 2015 302 Trainees 302 Trainees
Numbers about

Full-time Employment: 5,714 Employees
Part-time Employment: 767 Employees
Employment Number of Employees Remarks
Full-time Employment: 5,714 Employees 5714 full-time Employees
Part-time Employment: 767 Employees 767 part-time Employees
Office Service: 4,950 Employees
Field Service: 1,531 Employees
Number of Employees Employees Remarks
Office Service: 4,950 Employees 4950 Employees in Office Service
Field Service: 1,531 Employees 1531 Employees in Field Service
Females: 2,305 Employees
Males: 4,176 Employees
Gender Distribution Number of Employees Remarks
Females: 2,305 Employees 2305 Females
Males: 4,176 Employees 4176 Males
Mean Age of Employees in 2016

Employees Employees Remarks
Employees up to 30 years: 864 Employees 864 Employees
Employees between 30 - 39 years: 1,345 Employees 1345 Employees
Employees between 40 - 49 years: 1,911 Employees 1911 Employees
Employees between 50 - 59 years: 1,928 Employees 1928 Employees
Employees from 60 years: 433 Employees 433 Employees
Human resources policy
Company policy
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