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Helvetia Gebäudeversicherung

Buildings insurance. All-round cover for your property.

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Home is where you feel secure. It’s your job to make that happen. Our job is to provide financial protection for the home you own.
Financial security in the event of damage to your home.
Insurance cover that supplements cantonal buildings insurance
Up to 20% combination discount
Property owner’s liability and building legal protection can also be taken out

What benefits does buildings insurance provide?

Buying their own home is the largest investment many people will make in their lifetime. Whether a house, condominium apartment or holiday home – buildings insurance from Helvetia covers your own four walls against various additional risks not contained under compulsory cantonal buildings insurance. Your building, your land and all objects and appliances fixed to the building are insured.

Helvetia pays if:
  • your house is damaged or destroyed by fire.
  • your roof is damaged by bad weather.
  • a broken pipe floods your cellar or causes a gas leak.
  • your property is damaged by an avalanche, rockfall, snowslide or landslide.
  • your house has been broken into and parts of your building are damaged.
  • a window is broken or other breakage occurs.

Increase your cover to give you the extra protection you need.

Earthquake insurance

The earthquake risk in Switzerland is by no means as minor as people would perhaps assume. Earthquake insurance gives you peace of mind and financial security if your building is damaged by an earthquake.

Detection, exposure and repair of cables and pipes

Helvetia covers the costs for you if defective cables and pipes have to be detected, exposed and repaired. The cost of closing and covering repaired cables and pipes is also insured.


Provides supplementary protection for your building against damage of all kinds. Coverage includes, for example, building accidents during the construction period, vandalism, and damage caused by rodents, insects and wild animals.

Building surroundings

Covers summerhouses, driveways and garden areas, including trees and lawns on your property.

What benefits does property owner’s liability insurance provide?

The postman slips on your icy driveway, or a tile falls onto your tenant’s car parked in front of the house. As a property owner, you are responsible for keeping it in such good condition that nobody is in danger. Should something still happen, you are covered by property owner’s liability insurance.

Property owner’s liability insurance not only covers the costs for damage to persons and property, it also rejects unjustified liability claims. Building legal protection insurance can also be added as an optional extra.

Quite honestly, does property owner’s liability insurance make sense for me?

Yes, if …

… you rent out your property.

… you own an undeveloped plot of land – especially if no development is planned for the time being, or no construction start date has been fixed.

… you live in an owner-occupied apartment – the insurance also applies in the case of legal disputes with other owners in the building.

… you are a condominium owner – you are also covered for damage to property held in co-ownership or joint ownership.

… you live in your own home and don’t have private liability insurance.

No, if …

... you yourself live in the house and have private liability insurance. This means you are adequately covered and don’t require additional property owner’s liability insurance.

Our services

Have you lost your keys and cannot get into your home? Or is a wasps’ nest causing you trouble? Our services make your everyday life easier.

Premium waiver

If you are unable to work, you no longer have to pay insurance premiums, but do continue to enjoy full insurance cover.

Waiver of gross negligence

In the event of your gross negligence, we do not reduce the benefits you are entitled to.

Home Assistance

On your behalf, we assume the cost of workmen’s services, removing wasps’, hornets’ or bees’ nests, measures taken immediately in the event of a technical defect and security services.

Locksmith service

We have all experienced it: all of a sudden, the key is gone and you cannot get into your home. We organize a workman for you.

Card blocking service

If you lose your SIM, debit or credit card, we take care of having it blocked.

Legal advice

Our independent legal service – Coop Rechtsschutz - advises you on all legal queries and legal disputes.

Psychological follow-up support

We will assist you after a traumatic event, such as a break-in, and will arrange for support from the right expert.

Update guarantee

We always settle your claim in accordance with the latest insurance terms that are best for you.

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We are there for you.

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