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What to watch out for when moving.

Key points at a glance
Moving can be challenging, so careful planning is essential. Moving checklists can help you keep an overview. And what about insurance coverage? Helvetia shares its tips for a carefree move to your new home.

Plan the move early with a checklist

Much as you may be looking forward to moving to a new apartment or house, the fact remains that there is quite a lot to organize. There are also some important questions that need to be clarified in advance: When is a suitable date? Who do I ask for help? When should the post be redirected or address changes made? A moving checklist (for example from Comparis.ch) helps you to consider all the important points.

Moving with a professional removal company

Ensure that the removal company has public liability insurance. It protects the removal company if employees damage any property or cause personal injury. They are also responsible for damage that occurs in residential buildings, for example a scratch on the parquet floor. Also check the parking situation before your move to avoid possible complications or additional costs.


Good to know

Don’t leave your boxes and furniture unattended, as they could be stolen. Theft on public land, for example on the pavement or from the open van, is only insured if you have included the supplement for theft away from home in your household contents insurance. 

Moving yourself: Tips for a rental vehicle 

If you rent a van for your removal, you should check it carefully for defects when you pick it up, so that defects discovered later are not incorrectly traced back to you. Damage to the underbody, wheels or roof is often overlooked.

Read the rental conditions carefully with regard to the scope of insurance. If damage occurs to the rental vehicle, it is generally covered by the rental insurance. However, the terms of the contract always include a deductible. Depending on your insurance situation, your private liability or Assistance insurance for motor vehicles will cover this.

Damage caused to third parties is covered by the owner’s compulsory motor vehicle insurance.

Review the sum insured

People who have just moved into a new home like to buy new furniture. Moving home therefore provides an opportunity to review the sum insured of your household contents, especially if there has been a substantial change in your living situation. If you don't do this, you run the risk that your insured amount is too low and that you are under-insured. In the event of a claim this would mean that you would not be fully compensated for the value of your household contents.

Household contents insurance. Home is where you feel safe and secure.

Protect home furnishings: Check whether the sum insured for your household contents insurance is still current.

What others wanted to know

Our customer advisors can provide answers to selected FAQs. Just tell us what you want to know. We will be happy to help you.

Nicole, K. (23), Lucerne

When do I need to notify my insurance company of my change of address?

Inform your insurer of the change of address in advance. As a rule, insurance cover is then guaranteed for 30 days in both the old and the new home. If you change cantons, you must request proof of your car insurance within 14 days of moving and collect the new licence plates from the road traffic office of the new canton.

Lars S. (26), St. Gallen

Who is liable if my TV breaks during the move?

If an employee breaks the TV, the removal company is liable. If you cause the breakage, your household contents insurance will pay for the replacement or repair if you have taken out an "all risks” add-on. If a friend breaks the TV while helping you move, their personal liability insurance will cover the damage if the policy includes this type of unpaid work. The damaged items will only be insured at current value. To prevent damage, it is always worth packing the furniture well. 


Alain Titz

Customer Advisor

Lena H. (28) Bern

What if a friend gets hurt during the move?

If your friend is injured while helping you move, their accident insurance is responsible. However, if helpers are being paid for their assistance, you should take out accident insurance for them as well.


Cristina Rychen

Customer Advisor

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