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The right insurance for your move

A move begins long before the boxes are packed. Amid all the preparations, you should also make sure you have the right insurance cover: something can always go wrong. Helvetia shares its tips on carefree removals.

17 march 2021, text: Helvetia, photo: Depositphotos

Two people moving house
Moving to a new home raises many questions – before, during and after your move. Helvetia tells you all you need to know about carefree removals.

Much as you may be looking forward to moving to a new apartment or house, the fact remains that there is quite a lot to organize. There are also some important questions that need to be clarified in advance: do I organize my move with the help of friends or with a removal company? Who pays if furniture gets damaged? Or if someone gets injured? And finally: can I really afford to pay a security deposit of several months’ rent, or is there another solution?

What are the rules if something gets broken?

If something gets broken while you’re carrying boxes and furniture with friends, their personal liability insurance will only cover the damage if the policy includes this type of unpaid work. And, most importantly, the damaged items will only be insured at current value. Your own household contents policy may cover you if you’ve taken out an all-risks add-on. This will pay out on a new for old basis (replacement value). The insurance company will require evidence of any damage, so it’s worth taking photos before the move and after any damage. The same applies if you use a removal company. So when you sign a contract you should also check the conditions that apply to such eventualities.

What if someone stumbles while carrying boxes?

If a friend is injured while helping you move house, their accident insurance is responsible. However, if helpers are paid for their assistance, you should take out accident insurance for them as well. In addition, various forms of insurance cover, such as private liability, are excluded in such cases.

Damage to rental vans – a note of caution!

If you rent a van for your removal, you should check it carefully for defects when you pick it up and return it. It’s particularly important to pay attention to the underbody, wheels and roof when you pick the vehicle up. Damage to these parts will often be excluded from the rental company’s insurance cover and must be paid for by the renter. Deductibles can be quite expensive. Whether your own private liability insurance or your Assistance insurance for motor vehicles – if you have such insurance – will cover these costs depends on the relevant policy terms. Damage caused to third parties is covered by the owner’s compulsory motor vehicle insurance.

Record any defects in the handover report

When handing over your old apartment and when accepting your new home, it is essential to draw up acceptance reports that comply with the formal requirements. It saves a lot of trouble if defects are recorded and photographed right at the beginning. Click here if you’re interested in tips on who is required to pay for damage caused by tenants and in which cases. Damage caused by tenants – who pays?

Is renting without a deposit an option?

Anyone moving into a rented apartment knows that landlords require tenants to lodge a deposit equivalent to several months’ rent as financial security. This will mostly be in the form of a bank deposit. Some find this limits their financial flexibility. Helvetia's security deposit insurance offers an attractive alternative to the conventional bank deposit. There are no hidden costs such as additional bank charges. The guarantee certificate is sent to the landlord directly after payment of the premium and thus serves as security. Security deposit insurance does not pay out for damage, but serves merely as a guarantee.

When is it worth taking out security deposit insurance?

Reporting your new address

Reporting a change of address is more time-consuming than might appear at first glance – a whole host of different bodies need to be informed. Your insurance company in particular should be notified promptly: it will normally guarantee insurance cover for 30 days in both your old and new homes. This also applies to car insurance if you move to a different canton. Within 14 days of your move, you need to request a certificate to present to the driver and vehicle licensing office of your new canton of residence, which will issue you with new licence plates. A checklist for changing address can be found on the MoneyPark website.

Check your household insurance cover

People who have just moved into a new home like to buy new furniture. Moving home therefore provides an opportunity to review the sum insured for your household contents, especially if there has been a substantial change in your living environment.

And last but not least, the same rules still apply when moving house: wear a mask, keep your distance and follow the hygiene measures. Helvetia wishes you a carefree move and every happiness in your new home.