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Car insurance for new drivers

Key points at a glance
You’ve finally got your driving licence! This is a significant moment for many young people. However, new rights also mean new obligations. Here’s what you need to know.

Young or new driver?

Who is a young driver – and who counts as a new driver? Drivers under the age of 25 are designated as young drivers. New drivers are those who have had their driving licence for less than two years, regardless of their age.

Probationary driving licence 

After passing their test, new drivers have a probationary licence for three years. What does this mean?

They have to complete the advanced course (WAB) within 12 months.
There is a strict ban on alcohol when driving.
Road traffic offences are subject to stricter penalties.

The Swiss Council for Accident Prevention has some valuable tips on how to pass the three-year probationary period with ease.


Your first car – what insurance do you need?

Car insurance for new and young drivers is no different to that taken out by experienced drivers. Motor vehicle liability insurance is required by law. This covers any damage you cause with your vehicle. It is often worth taking out partially or fully comprehensive insurance. Our article explains the difference.

Your own car often has sentimental value. You want to make sure it’s properly protected – but without paying too much for insurance. You can extend the protection according to your individual needs and budget, for example to cover parking damage, breakdown assistance, bonus protection, additional cover for personal belongings transported in the vehicle, or special benefits for electric vehicles.

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Helvetia car insurance – drive with confidence

Wherever you go, Helvetia's car insurance provides the best possible cover for you and your vehicle.

Claims during driving lessons – who pays?

Damage caused to the vehicle or third parties during a driving lesson is usually covered by the driving school’s insurance. Tip: Find out beforehand by asking your driving instructor.

If an accident happens during practice drives in the family car, the motor vehicle liability insurance will cover any damage to third parties. Partially or fully comprehensive insurance will pay for damage to your own car. But take note: A higher deductible may apply if a new or young driver was at the wheel. Ask your insurer for more information.

What others wanted to know

Our customer advisors can provide answers to selected FAQs. Just tell us what you want to know. We will be happy to help you.

Nicole D. (21), Köniz

Am I insured if I drive someone else’s car?

If you have a driving licence and drive a car that is not registered to you, you should have an add-on for driving third-party vehicles included under your personal liability insurance. Also note that, when crossing a border, you need authorization to use the vehicle. A statement of authorization signed by the owner of the vehicle will suffice.

Pascal B. (19), Opfikon

Does my car insurance also cover me abroad?

Helvetia’s car insurance is also valid – with just a few exceptions – in the rest of Europe as well as in non-European Mediterranean countries. The International Motor Insurance Card (Green Card) proves that your vehicle is covered by liability insurance. It is mandatory in many European countries.


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