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Pension situation analysis. Calculate your pension shortfall now.

Get an overview of your pension situation and quickly and easily identify any pension shortfalls relating to retirement or in the event of disability or death. The pension check will also show you in a transparent way how you can make up these shortfalls in order to maintain your accustomed standard of living at all times.
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When should you do a pension check?

As a rule, a pension check is useful at any time. Just to be on the safe side, a check every few years is beneficial. This way, you always have an overview of your current pension situation.

Checking your current pension situation is particularly worthwhile in the event of major changes at work or key events in your private life. For example, in the event of a change of job, marriage or divorce, the birth of a child, the acquisition of residential property or ahead of pension planning.

What questions will the pension check answer?

Do the pension check if you want to get answers to the following questions:

How big is the pension shortfall that I can make up with the 3rd pillar?
How much should I save each month?
What pension shortfalls will arise for my relatives in the event of incapacity to work or death?
How much will the appropriate protection cost?
Is my income from the 1st pillar (OASI) and the 2nd pillar (pension fund) after retirement high enough to maintain my accustomed standard of living?
For residential property owners: Is the affordability of my mortgage guaranteed in old age, or in the event of incapacity to earn or death?
How big is your pension shortfall?

Find out whether your income from the 1st and 2nd pillars can maintain your accustomed standard of living in old age and what pension shortfalls you should make up with the 3rd pillar.

What documents do you need for your pension situation analysis?
As a rule, the more detailed your information is, the more accurate your pension situation analysis will be. Accordingly, we recommend that you have the following documents at hand – including those of your partner, depending on your life situation
  • Insurance certificate: Details of your pension fund benefits
  • Information on existing life insurance policies and 3a savings accounts
  • If you have residential property: Estimated value and amount of the mortgage
  • Other assets and other savings accounts

If you do not have these documents or an approximate result is sufficient, you have the option of using average or minimum values from the pension fund or skipping certain steps altogether.

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