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Pension checks

Carry out various simple and straightforward pension analyses online.
Pension Check
How much money will my loved ones and I receive from the first and second pillar if I am unable to work or I die? How big is the gap in my pension?
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Retirement check
What income can I expect to receive from OASI and my pension fund after I retire? Will I be able to maintain my usual standard of living?
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Tax calculator for Switzerland
How will a change in salary, a marriage or divorce, or moving house affect the amount of tax I pay?
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3a savings calculator
How much tax can I save each year by paying into pillar 3a?
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Purchasing pension fund benefits
How much tax can I save by paying voluntary additional contributions into my pension fund?
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Calculate the tax on capital benefits
How much tax must I pay if I withdraw money from my pension fund or pillar 3a?
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Inheritance calculator
How will my estate be divided among my surviving dependants?
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