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Helvetia Pensionsplanung

Retirement planning with Helvetia

Simply enjoying life without a care in the world – that’s how many people imagine their retirement. Helvetia helps you plan your retirement and answers any questions you have about your retirement
What OASI and occupational pension fund benefits can I expect to receive?
Will I have enough retirement income?
Can I afford to retire early?
How can I save on taxes?
Should I repay my mortgage?
Can I continue to finance my home after retirement?
Should I draw my retirement assets as an annuity or a lump sum?

Stay financially independent with Helvetia retirement planning

Our certified retirement planners will discuss your current pension situation with you and explain the opportunities and risks of the different options for financing your retirement. Helvetia will assist you in the transition to retirement, lending you advice and support with difficult decisions. To ensure you achieve your objectives, Helvetia will reassess your situation at regular intervals and take into account any changes that may have occurred in your life. A consultation can make sense as early as age 50 – because the sooner you start planning for your old age, the more likely you are to be able to achieve your goals and live your dreams after retirement.

Retirement planning with Helvetia – an ongoing consultation process

Age 50 – start planning early

You’re in the middle of your career and haven’t even thought about your retirement yet? Or you have already considered retiring early? Now is the ideal time to start taking a closer look at your retirement planning. Helvetia will explain the different options to you.

Age 55 – take the right steps

Together with Helvetia, you have developed your pension plan. In your mid-fifties it is time to make the decisions to implement that plan. Depending on how much you want to invest in your retirement, you can take various steps to optimize both the security and performance of your portfolio. Helvetia will support you.

Age 60 – fine-tune your plan

A few years before you retire, you get together with Helvetia to review your retirement plan. The important thing now is to safeguard your post-retirement income and invest your savings in the right way. In addition, it’s now time to register with OASI for your later pension and to advise your occupational pension fund if you want to exercise your capital option. Helvetia will help you to fine-tune and optimize your assets shortly before you retire.

Age 65 – put your plan into practice

You’ve achieved your goal and earned a comfortable retirement. Thanks to excellent planning, you have nothing more to do than sit back and enjoy life. Even after you’ve retired, Helvetia is there for you to answer any questions you may have.

Of course, Helvetia can plan your retirement with you once you have reached the age of 50. We always tailor our consultation to your particular needs.

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