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Sponsoring & commitment

Our name stands for top Swiss performance that goes far beyond the borders of our country. With our sponsorship we create trust, drive and enthusiasm.
Sporting commitment
Helvetia is not only involved in skiing and football, but also supports other sports.
CSI Basel

Helvetia is a sponsor of the international world show jumping tournament CSI Basel. The best show jumpers in the world gather here each year. In 2019, the tournament celebrated its 10th anniversary and its première as a world cup event.

Swiss Drone League

Helvetia is the principal sponsor of the Swiss Drone League. The Swiss Drone Racing Series is delighted at the growing popularity of this new sport. Spectacular races with the best pilots from Switzerland and Europe thrill audiences at stunning venues across the country.

Swiss wrestling festivals

Helvetia supports a number of national and cantonal Swiss wrestling festivals. The Swiss national sport is deeply steeped in tradition and is one of the favourite sport types in the German-speaking region of Switzerland especially.

Soccer and handball associations

Helvetia sponsors various local soccer and handball associations in collaboration with our general agencies.

Football is more

Helvetia is a partner of the "Football is more" Foundation. The Foundation has been holding football tournaments for youth clubs in which disabled and able-bodied sportspeople participate. Through this engagement, Helvetia wishes to play a part in supporting young people.

Cultural commitment

Helvetia is also engaged in the cultural sector.

Museum Night

Helvetia is a sponsor of Museum Night and, among other things, has its own art exhibition in Basel. With 36 museums and a total of 200 exhibitions, Museum Night offers audiences in Basel an unforgettable cultural experience.

Museum of Art Basel

Helvetia supports the Kunstmuseum Basel. This internationally renowned visual arts museum houses the largest public collection of art covering a wide range of art periods.

St. Galler Festival

As the main sponsor, Helvetia presents the St. Gallen Festival before the extraordinary backdrop of the Klosterhof in the Stiftsbezirk of St. Gallen. Operatic rarities from beyond the mainstream are performed in front of the magnificent baroque cathedral.

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Collegium Musicum Basel

Helvetia sponsors the Collegium Musicum Basel, the oldest independent professional orchestra. The symphony orchestra performs six concerts a year at the Stadtcasino in Basel.

Blues Festival Basel

Helvetia is the main sponsor of the Blues Festival Basel. The Blues Festival Basel offers listeners a broad range of blues and related music styles at the Volkshaus Basel.

New Orleans meets St. Gallen

Helvetia supports the New Orleans Festival in St. Gallen. International music acts will perform on four different stages, bringing the Southern States vibe to the Old Town of St. Gallen.

Museum of Art Lucerne

Helvetia sponsors the Museum of Art in Lucerne (KKL). This is one of the Switzerland’s most important art museums. It regularly attracts large numbers of art lovers with its continuously changing exhibitions. The KKL is home to many national and international works.

Museum of Art Bern

Helvetia is a sponsor of the Museum of Fine Arts in Bern, the oldest art museum in Switzerland. The ever expanding collection ranges from the Gothic period to the present and is one of Switzerland’s most important and diverse collections.

Kirchner Museum Davos

Helvetia sponsors the Kirchner Museum in Davos which was built in honour of expressionist artist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. A large number of his major works were inspired by Davos and its surroundings.

Swiss Art Market Association (SAMA)

Helvetia supports the Swiss Art Market Association (SAMA), which is the umbrella organisation for four art trade associations. It works to protect the interests of members of the Swiss art market in dealings with authorities, associations, private individuals and the media.  

Textile Museum St. Gallen

Helvetia is a sponsor of the Textile Museum St. Gallen. Thousands of exhibits ranging from antique lace found in Egyptian Coptic graves to modern Swiss textiles can be admired in one of Switzerland's most important textile collections right in St. Gallen’s Old Town.


Helvetia sponsors THE activity card for teenagers and young adults. Colourkey offers more than 200 discounts and over 50 free activities.

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Economic commitment

Helvetia supports charitable projects and organizations for the benefit of the economy.

St. Gallen University Student Union

Helvetia is a sponsor of the Student Union of the University of St. Gallen (SHSG) which is based on voluntary student engagement. It not only represents the students’ interests but also provides important services.

Institute of Insurance Economics

In addition to the SHSG, Helvetia also supports the Institute of Insurance Economics at the University of St. Gallen (I.VW-HSG). Internationally known for its risk and insurance management expertise, the Institute takes an interdisciplinary approach, cooperating with HSG institutes and other universities in the areas of research, consulting and further education.

World Ageing & Generations Congress (WDA)

Helvetia sponsors the WDA Forum which works with specific issues such as demographic change and population development in the 21st century. Founded in 2002, the forum works at regional, national and international levels.


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SME Day St. Gallen

Helvetia sponsors the Swiss SME Day. This national conference puts the spotlight on small and medium-sized enterprises. It explores current and future topics and their challenges from economic, political, societal and scientific perspectives.

Esprix Excellence Suisse

Helvetia supports ESPRIX Excellence Suisse (EFQM), an independent institution that promotes national and international performance with a business model that helps entrepreneurs and business leaders to respond to their challenges.

Sommet Économique Helvetia

Helvetia supports the Annual General Meeting of the Valais Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This organization is committed to strong, sustainable development of the economy in the Valais region.

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Swiss Insurance Association SVV

Helvetia sponsors SVV which supports Swiss insurance companies. SVV creates the required optimum framework conditions for insurance companies with the aim of generating a sustainable solution for people and business.


Social commitment
Helvetia supports charitable projects and organizations for the benefit of society. Charitable and social institutions are specifically supported.