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Ratgeber Annullationsversicherung

Cancellation insurance. Cover before your trip.

Your suitcases are packed and there is a huge sense of anticipation ahead of your upcoming trip. But your train is delayed and when it arrives at the airport, your plane has already left.
Cover for trips that are delayed or cannot be started
Protection in the event of an airline or tour operator strike or bankruptcy
Season tickets, subscriptions and concert tickets are also covered
Guaranteed round-the-clock assistance worldwide, 365 days a year

What is cancellation insurance?

Cancellation insurance, also referred to as travel cancellation insurance or cancellation cost insurance, covers the cost of the flight, hotel and other means of transport if you have to cancel a trip.

If your departure is delayed, for example because your train is cancelled and you therefore have to rebook your flight, Helvetia pays the additional costs you incur as a result. The cost of unused concert tickets, courses and season tickets is also reimbursed.

What benefits does cancellation insurance provide?

Cancellation insurance gives you all-year-round cover for all trips and excursions worldwide.

Helvetia pays if:
  • you fall ill or have an accident shortly before departure
  • you or your companion lose your job and cannot travel for financial reasons
  • a close relative has an accident or dies
  • your car breaks down on the way to the airport
  • you cancel your trip because there is a natural event such as an earthquake, avalanche or volcanic eruption at your holiday destination
  • your taxi is stuck in traffic or your train is delayed
  • you cancel your trip because there is a strike or a terrorist attack at your holiday destination
  • shortly before departure, you have a burglary, a fire or water damage at home
  • you have your travel documents stolen
  • the travel operator or airline goes bankrupt
Helvetia Reiseversicherung
Optimum cover for your trip
Our travel insurance has even more to offer. It is worth combining it with Assistance for persons so that you have full cover not just before you leave but during your trip as well. You can also book cover for your hire car.