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Driving safety with Helvetia

Driving safety
Driving safety

You can increase your safety on the road with a driving safety training course, so Helvetia will share the costs of the course and reward your commitment with a reduction in your bonus level.

All the information about driving safety training

  • Helvetia is giving a voucher worth CHF 80 to all its customers who have a motor vehicle insurance policy. You can obtain the voucher from your customer advisor.
  • You can redeem the voucher at our partner, Driving Center Schweiz AG. 
  • You can obtain another CHF 100 from the Fonds für Verkehrssicherheit [Fund for Road Safety].
  • For young drivers, driving safety training pays off twice over: They get a bonus reduction of two levels in liability and fully comprehensive insurance. There is no bonus reduction for partially comprehensive insurance.
  • The one-day course comprises theory and practice. The programme includes slalom driving, emergency braking and taking evasive action on different road surfaces.
  • You practise in your own car.

Which courses are accepted?

Safety training courses which last at least one day are accepted from organizers recognized by the Road Safety Council. The voucher is only valid for courses with our contractual partner, Driving Center Schweiz. The bonus reduction can be achieved with all the organizers listed here.

Find a course now

You can get the voucher code for the Driving Center from your customer advisor.

FAQs about driving safety training