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Helvetia Altersrente

Retirement pension

With the Helvetia retirement pension you secure a regular, guaranteed additional income for yourself from a date of your choice. The retirement pension supplements your pension from the OASI and from your pension fund.
Guaranteed additional income for life
Choice of method and time of pension payment
Choice of method and duration of capital accumulation
Additional contributions possible, to increase your pension
Premium waiver in the case of incapacity to work optional
Tax advantages with Pillars 3a and 3b

Retirement pension – your income in old age?

With this private retirement pension you can create additional income in old age. The retirement pension supplements the entitlements you have acquired from Pillars 1 and 2. It is suitable for:

  • long-term retirement savings and supplementing your income
  • saving for planned early retirement
  • security for your partner or family in case you die

A brief guide to the retirement pension

Advisory meeting

Helvetia can help you find the best-possible solution to finance your retirement.

Retirement pension – the solution to match your needs

Secure your livelihood

Secure your entitlement to a pension for life.

Save and realize your dreams

The premium waiver enables you to reach your savings target easily.

Invest money

Helvetia will invest your money prudently and professionally.

Be financially independent

Systematic saving means you will have adequate financial means at your disposal even after your retire.
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