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The right insurance coverage for burglaries.

Key points at a glance
Nobody wants to be the victim of a burglary. In addition to the financial impact, many of our belongings also have an emotional value that cannot be replaced. So, we protect what we cherish and value.

What is a burglary?

A burglary is when someone uses force to gain access to a building or room and steals things. Burglary also applies to someone unlocking a lock with the correct key or code, provided the perpetrator acquired the key or code through theft. If the perpetrator can break in without using force (e.g. through open doors or windows), this is referred to as walk-in theft.

How can I protect myself from burglary?

Avoid leaving windows tilted open and make sure you always lock the door, even if you are only leaving your house or apartment for a short time. Multi-point locks for doors and additional security reduce the risk of burglary. Motion detectors with a bright light or a timer inside the property also help as protection against burglary. If you are away for a long time, ask someone you trust to empty your mailbox regularly and to occasionally open and close any window coverings. Be careful not to make your absence too obvious on social media

Are alarm systems or surveillance cameras any good?

Alarm systems offer additional protection. The risk of burglars being discovered is significantly increased by the alarm sounding. When installing an alarm system, seek advice from companies specialising in this.

Criminals are less deterred by surveillance cameras because they are rarely identifiable in the images. Cameras, therefore, do not really offer effective protection against burglary.

Which insurance policy covers burglaries?

Household contents insurance provides all-round protection for your belongings. The entire household contents are insured at full replacement value. Full replacement value means that the costs of purchasing a new item of the same quality and technical standard are covered. This includes all movable items that are needed for living and relaxing, such as furniture, clothing and consumer electronics. Cover for special valuables such as expensive jewellery and watches should be added to the household contents insurance, or separate valuables insurance cover should be taken out.

How much should the sum insured be?

When you take out a household contents policy, the amount of the sum insured has to be specified. This depends on the value of your household contents. To determine the amount, use an inventory list and the sum insured calculator or get advice. Remember that the sum insured must be adjusted after making larger purchases. If it is below the replacement value, the insurance benefit can be reduced accordingly in the event of a claim.

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Berta S. (47), Lucerne

Do I have to report the burglary to the insurance company or the police?

In the event of a burglary, contact the police immediately and file a report. The insurance company needs the police report or complaint to process the damage.

You should also let your neighbours know about the incident. They may have also been affected or seen or heard something.


Pascal Lackner

Customer Advisor

Linda H. (22), Zurich

How are particularly expensive watches and valuable jewellery insured?

Individual items valued at less than CHF 20,000 can be insured by adding supplementary “special valuables” cover to your household contents insurance. This additional insurance also allows multiple valuables to be insured at once, provided their total value does not exceed CHF 100,000.

For luxury goods with a particularly high individual value (over CHF 20,000), we recommend taking out separate valuables insurance.


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Customer Advisor

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