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Non-owner car insurance

Do you regularly drive vehicles that are not your own? With non-owner car insurance you enjoy reliable protection in all traffic situations.

What is non-owner car insurance?

Non-owner car insurance is a type of supplementary insurance as part of personal liability cover. With supplementary “Use of third-party motor vehicles” insurance you are protected against the financial consequences of an accident involving a third-party vehicle.

What benefits does non-owner car insurance provide?

With non-owner car insurance, you benefit from worldwide insurance coverage when driving third-party vehicles.

Helvetia pays:
  • damage, you caused to the third-party vehicle itself.
  • the towing costs, if the vehicle has to be towed after an accident or breakdown.
  • the costs for premium increase in the event of the vehicle owner losing his/her bonus
  • damage, you caused with the third-party vehicle to other persons or other people’s property, vehicles or animals.

Quite honestly, do you need non-owner car insurance at all?

Yes, if ...

… you regularly use a car that belongs to your parents or an acquaintance.

… you rent a car via a car-sharing platform.

…the borrowed car is insured with comprehensive cover. The vehicle owner's insurer will cover the costs of the loss. However, the vehicle owner is still obliged to pay the deductible and any premium increase.

No, if ...

… you only use someone else’s motor vehicle occasionally. For Helvetia, “occasionally” means only on an exceptional basis and not on more than six days a year. In this case, your basic personal liability insurance is sufficient.

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