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Laptop insurance. All-round protection.

The laptop – your constant companion in everyday life. If it is damaged or stolen, it is not only very annoying but also expensive if it has to be replaced. Read about which cases are covered by insurance.

Protection for your laptop

A broken or stolen laptop entails considerable effort and ultimately also costs. It needs to be replaced quickly, because for many it is indispensable in everyday life for school, study or work. That's why it's worthwhile taking out the right insurance.

A brief guide to laptop insurance

With Helvetia household contents insurance and the appropriate supplementary insurance you enjoy comprehensive protection for your laptop and other electronic devices such as mobile phones or tablets. Your private liability insurance covers damage you accidentally cause to a device that you don't own.


What damage to my laptop is covered if it is damaged?

With household contents insurance, your device is protected against burglary or damage due to fire, water, hail, storm or flooding. Corresponding supplementary insurance policies are worthwhile for everyday life. With the addition of "all risks" to your household contents insurance, your policy will also cover the costs incurred if, for example, your laptop accidentally falls to the floor and is damaged in the process (cracked screen or casing, defective connections). With the addition of "all risks", mobile phones and tablets are also insured.

How is my mobile phone protected against theft?

If your house is broken into, your laptop is covered by your household contents insurance. If you are on the move and your laptop is stolen from your bag, for example, the supplementary insurance “simple theft away from home” covers the costs incurred. It covers theft by tricksters, pickpockets and opportunity thieves.

Protect your laptop against unexpected incidents.

With the household contents "all risks" supplementary insurance, your laptop, smartphone, tablet and co. are protected against unexpected incidents.

Protection for all your household contents

The above-mentioned insurance applies not only to your laptop but also to all other electronic devices and other household contents. This includes your luggage, ski equipment or bicycle.

Good to know

You can extend the warranty of your devices by a further three years with a “warranty extension” add-on to your household contents insurance and are covered if a device no longer works owing to design, material, manufacturing or calculation errors.

What others wanted to know

Our customer advisors can provide answers to selected FAQs. Just tell us what you want to know. We will be happy to help you.

Fiona S. (26), Zurich

I spilled coffee on my company laptop while working from home. Which insurance pays?

Your company must be responsible for insuring the company-owned work equipment that you use when working from home. As a rule, it must include a supplement for this in the business insurance.


Tatiana Micchetti

Customer Advisor

Florian H. (22) Geneva

I damaged a friend's laptop. Do I have to pay for the damage?

In this case, your private liability insurance will cover the costs incurred (at current value). But remember: If you have a multi-person household policy with the others sharing the flat or house, you must check whether a loss is covered under this policy or not. Only if all flat-mates have their own policy is a loss of this sort covered by your private liability insurance.


Vito Brandonisio

Customer Advisor

Luca P. (30), Basel

My laptop has suddenly stopped working. Will the insurance company pay?

If your laptop no longer works because it has been dropped as a result of a mishap, the corresponding insurance comes into play: your "all risks" household contents insurance pays if it happened to you, or the private liability insurance of the person who used your device and who dropped it.
If it no longer works for other reasons, this is basically not an insurance claim but a warranty claim. Check whether the warranty is still valid and find out about servicing from your retailer.


Markus Hersperger

Customer Advisor

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