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Rental car insurance

Rental car insurance
Rental car insurance
Peace of mind on a journey of discovery by car. Helvetia explains how to properly insure your rental car so that you can enjoy your holiday without a care in the world.

What insurance do you need for a rental car?

You have made it to your dream destination and the rental car you booked is ready and waiting at the airport or hotel. But before embarking on your discovery tour, you should first see to it that you have the right insurance cover for your rental car. Do you even need additional insurance for your rental car? And if so, which?

Liability insurance

When you book a rental car, many providers will offer liability insurance for a limited period of time. Just to remind you: liability insurance provides financial cover in the event of third-party claims for compensation. As bodily injury especially can become expensive, it is advisable to ensure that the sum insured on the liability insurance policy is sufficient. The rule of thumb here is at least five or ten million Swiss francs. Check whether liability insurance is included in the rental agreement.

Fully comprehensive insurance

An accident alone is enough to dampen the holiday mood. It becomes all the more annoying if you end up with an expensive bill for the repairs. Car rental companies therefore offer fully comprehensive insurance to cover damage to the rental vehicle. When taking out a fully comprehensive policy, also check how high the deductible is. It may be worth considering choosing the option without a deductible. Then you will not have to pay for any damage should you have an accident despite taking all due care.

Insure your rental car directly with Helvetia

The car insurance covering a private vehicle is not valid for rental vehicles. BUT: depending on the insurance cover, liability and comprehensive damage to rental cars may also be included in private liability insurance. You can insure rental vehicles by taking out non-owner cover with Helvetia.

Non-owner cover

With supplementary «Use of third-party motor vehicles (comfort)» insurance, you are protected against the financial consequences of an accident involving a third-party vehicle. This also includes rental cars. Should you have an accident, you are insured for up to CHF 2,500 of damage to the rental car. You are also insured if other people are injured or third-party vehicles or other items damaged in the accident. The level of insurance cover depends on the insured sum agreed. You can find this on your insurance policy.

If you have non-owner cover, there is no need to take out further supplementary insurance with the provider, provided that the rental car has fully comprehensive insurance.

Calculate premium now

Take out private liability insurance with the supplementary «Use of third-party motor vehicles (comfort)» conveniently online now and embark on your discovery tour without a care in the world.

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