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Gina Proenza – Art Visuels

Helvetia Art Prize

Helvetia supports young artists by awarding an annual prize. The much coveted Helvetia Art Prize goes to an exceptionally promising graduate from a Swiss art school.
Bisso Yann Stéphane at the Liste Art Fair Basel 2024

The Helvetia Art Prize

Intended as a leg-up for young graduates who have studied the visual arts and media art at a Swiss art school, the award first launched in 2004 underscores Helvetia’s long-standing commitment to Swiss art. The prize is reserved for young artists just at the start of their career and while the focus of Helvetia's own collection of contemporary Swiss art – which incidentally counts among the most important of its kind – is on painting, drawing, and photography, the Helvetia Art Prize is not restricted to those disciplines. Its purpose is to bring the ideas and art forms of the next generation of artists to the public’s attention. The Helvetia Art Prize comes with prize money of CHF 15,000 as well as the chance to stage a show at the international art fair LISTE – Art Fair Basel.

The prize is awarded every year as part of the Plattform exhibition.

Prizewinner 2024
Virginie Sistek is the winner of the 2024 Helvetia Art Prize.
The jury 2024
This year's Helvetia Art Prize jury comprises:
Peter Bläuer

Liste Art Fair

Stefanie Gschwend

Kunstmuseum/Kunsthalle Appenzell

Nadia Veronese

Kunstmuseum St. Gallen

Maja Wismer

Kunstmuseum Basel

Nathalie Loch
Curator of Helvetia's Art Department
The previous prizewinners
Prizewinners Stories
2023 Bisso Yann Stéphane «Bisso Yann Stéphane is the winner of the 2023 Helvetia Art Prize»
2022 Jonas Van Holanda «Jonas Van Holanda is the winner of the 2022 Helvetia Art Prize»
2021 Anita Mucolli  
2020 Tiphanie Kim Mall «Helvetia Art Prize winner 2020»
2019 Kaspar Ludwig «Helvetia Art Prize winner 2019»
2018 Gina Proenza «Helvetia Art Prize winner at LISTE in Basel»
2017 Andriu Deplazes «Andriu Deplazes wins Helvetia Art Prize 2017»
2016 STELLA  
2015 Dijan Kahrimanovic  
2014 Thomas Moor
2013 Michael Meier & Christoph Franz
2012 Kathrin Affentranger
2011 Josse Bailly
2010 Elisa Larvego
2009 Florian Germann
2008 Nicole Bachmann
2007 Luc Mattenberger
2006 Aloïs Godinat
2005 Swann Thommen/collectif_fact
2004 Kathrin Stengele