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Andriu Deplazes wins Helvetia Art Prize 2017

Young Swiss artist Andriu Deplazes commutes between his home town Zurich and Brussels, where he has had a studio for two years. Now he has wowed the expert jury with his work and won the Helvetia Art Prize for 2017.

12 June 2017, text: Margrith Mermet, photos: Gabriel Huber, Focus Format, video: Gabriel Huber, Focus Format

He paints plants, people and animals with brilliant oil paints on home-made canvases The faces of the bald-headed people seem bloodless, their bodies’ skin colour is pale. All the more striking are the colours of their surroundings, representing heavenly or apocalyptic landscapes. “Today we have to compete with the strong colours on mobile phones and computers, which come at us like a bolt of lightning”, explains Andriu Deplazes. The Young Swiss artist has won the Helvetia Art Prize for 2017.

Far from his home and what is familiar to him, he finds peace in his studio in Brussels and can concentrate on his work. His pictures are based on sketches that he makes on his forays through the city. “I draw everything that I come across.” The Helvetia Art Prize is comprised of a sum of money and the opportunity of a solo exhibition at the LISTE Art Fair in Basel, where Andriu Deplazes can present himself and his impressive works to the broad, international art audience.


About the Helvetia Art Prize

The Helvetia Art Prize is a sponsorship prize for graduates of the Swiss universities of applied sciences in the field of “Visual and Media Art”. Every year it is awarded to a talented young artist who is at the beginning of his or her career. The prize underlines the lasting commitment of Helvetia and the former Nationale Suisse to the Swiss creative art scene. The Art Prize is linked to a monetary award of CHF 15,000 and an exhibition at the international art exhibition LISTE, Art Fair Basel, which takes place alongside ART Basel each year (13 -18 June 2017).