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When children move out – Part 3

Chantal just moved out of her parents’ house into a flat with roommates. She celebrates her new freedom with a housewarming party. If you’ve ever thrown a party at home, you know that anything can happen. But with Helvetia Youth Insurance, you’ll be protected no matter what.

20 June 2018, text: Natascha Fabian, photo: gettyimages

A woman laughs into the camera while holding a glass in her hand.
Chantal knows that a casual housewarming party with friends can get expensive quickly if you don’t have adequate insurance coverage.

Moving out? Get ready for a new era of freedom. Unfortunately, many forget that the new freedom comes with a lot of new obligations, too. By taking out Helvetia Youth Insurance, you can protect yourself againts any trouble that life throws your way.

Already met Chantal?

We’re following Chantal for four weeks as she moves out and sets up house in her very own flat. Some things have gone awry, as you may have read in the first and second instalments in our story series. She decides, despite the two mishaps, to celebrate her newfound freedom with a housewarming party.

Party crasher

Chantal loves being on her own and feels right at home in her new abode. She invites her friends over for a housewarming party. To keep everyone entertained, she hires a friend who does the occasional DJ gig. Chantal doesn’t have a sound system of her own, so her DJ friend simply brings his along. Once the music is turned up and the party gets going, a drink slips out of Chantal’s hand – and crashes right onto her friend’s sound system! Glass shards and cola fly everywhere. The expensive electronic equipment doesn’t stand a chance. Chantal can scarcely believe her bad luck; she knows that she’s responsible for the damage.

Fortune in misfortune

Private liability insurance protects you from any financial consequences if you damage someone else’s property or injure someone. Chantal may be responsible for the damage to the sound system, but her private liability insurance will pay for it. By the way, you can also get external driver protection to cover you when you use someone else’s car.

Youth insurance
You shouldn't have to think about risks when taking your first steps towards independence. Helvetia youth insurance allows you to live life to the full without a worry.
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