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Helvetia Privathaftpflichtversicherung

Personal liability insurance. Keep calm when some­thing goes awry.

Cover yourself and your family against minor acts of carelessness with major financial consequences so that you can keep your composure even when something goes wrong.
All persons living in the same household are insured
Worldwide cover for rental vehicles
Deductible from CHF 0
Optional cover for losses arising from internet use
Up to 20% combination discount

Quite honestly, do you need personal liability insurance at all?

Yes, if ...

... you inadvertently injure other people or damage their property and do not want to pay the costs out of your own pocket.

… you rent, lease or own residential property and do not want to pay for losses incurred in the property yourself.

… you are responsible for items entrusted or leased to you, including keys to business premises.

… you want to insure yourself against losses you cause as a sports player or pet owner.

No, if ...

… you are already insured through a household member.

What benefits does personal liability insurance provide?
Personal liability insurance provides you with financial cover for any losses caused by yourself – whether through injury to people or damage to property. This means you can relax and do not have to think about the costs incurred in the event of losses or minor acts of carelessness. Helvetia also assists you when contesting unfounded liability claims.

Your flexible choice of additional cover for other risks

An insurance policy as individual as you and your life. You can add further insurance benefits to suit your personal protection needs.

Non-owner drivers

Worldwide cover for losses arising from the use of third-party vehicles, 365 days a year.


Covers you against losses caused by inadvertently spreading viruses, unintentionally infringing trademark and copyright law online and being negligent with others’ data.

Model aircraft and drones

The additional package covers you as the owner or user of aircraft requiring authorization for injury to third parties or damage to their property.


Covers you against the financial consequences of professional activities, such as when taking school pupils on excursions.

Riding horses owned by third parties

Covers you against veterinary and equipment costs if you have an accident while riding a borrowed horse.

Benefit from a discount of up to 20%.

You wish to take out personal liability insurance and household contents at the same time? No problem. Combine household contents with personal liability, travel, legal protection or buildings insurance and get a discount of up to 20%.
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Under 25 years of age?

Helvetia youth insurance allows you to benefit from attractive offerings for household contents, personal liability, travel insurance and more.
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For the unforeseen: our end-to-end service package
Have you lost your keys and cannot get into your home? Or you forgot to switch off the cooker and your home catches fire? The end-to-end service package we include automatically covers common losses.

Premium waiver

If you are unable to work, you no longer have to pay insurance premiums, but do continue to enjoy full insurance cover.

Waiver of gross negligence

In the event of your gross negligence, we do not reduce the benefits you are entitled to.

Home Assistance

On your behalf, we assume the cost of workmen’s services, removing wasps’, hornets’ or bees’ nests, measures taken immediately in the event of a technical defect and security services.

Locksmith service

We have all experienced it: all of a sudden, the key is gone and you cannot get into your home. We organize a workman for you.

Card blocking service

If you lose your SIM, debit or credit card, we take care of having it blocked.

Legal advice

Our independent legal service – Coop Rechtsschutz - advises you on all legal queries and legal disputes.

Psychological follow-up support

Whatever happens, we arrange for the right experts to support you: qualified physicians, psychologists or psychiatrists.

Update guarantee

With the update guarantee you can ensure that the conditions of your contract are always up to date. In the event of a claim, you therefore benefit from future benefit improvements.

No small print: when does a personal liability insurance policy pay out, and when does it not?

Your insurance pays out if ...

… you inadvertently cause third parties to suffer loss and damage, e.g. injury.

… you accidentally lose, damage or destroy items owned by third parties.

… third parties file unfounded compensation claims against you and you incur defence costs.

... members of your household (e.g. children) who are not included in your liability cover cause bodily injury or damage to property.

Your insurance does not pay out if ...

… you deliberately cause losses or intentionally commit an offence.

.… items used commercially or professionally are damaged.

… losses arise as a result of unforeseeable events such as war, terrorism, internal unrest or nuclear disasters.

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