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Helvetia Todesfallversicherung

Whole life insurance. Play it safe for your loved ones.

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When a loved one dies, their surviving dependants often face financial problems as well. That is why you should take precautions and purchase suitable whole life insurance to cover your financial obligations, for example to reduce a mortgage or pay off a loan.
Guaranteed benefit in the event of death
Optional double indemnity where the death is due to an accident
Waiver of premiums in the event of incapacity to earn
For whom is whole life insurance suitable?
For families
  • Cover your loved ones’ financial needs should the unexpected happen
  • Ensure your children’s education is paid for
  • Preserve your family’s standard of living
For self-employed persons
  • Ensure your business partner’s financial needs
  • Cover loans you take out to fund your business
  • Protect your company from insolvency
For residential property owners
  • Preserve your family home
  • Reduce the amount of your mortgage
  • Ensure ongoing maintenance is funded

What does whole life insurance cost?

You need only provide us with a few details to get an initial cost estimate. That will give you a rough idea of what whole life insurance costs.
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    Age, gender and smoking habits affect life expectancy and are taken into account when determining the premiums.
    Sample prices for whole life insurance
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    The premiums indicated here are simplified sample prices. The actual premium may deviate from this figure. The maximum contract term is 45 years.
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    What is the right death benefit for me?
    Carry out your own assessment of your financial situation to determine what needs to be covered in the event of your death.

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