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Helvetia Erwerbsunfähigkeitsrente

Disability pension. When everything suddenly changes.

Whatever you experience – a Helvetia disability pension offers you financial protection if you are no longer able to provide for yourself owing to a stroke of fate.
Pension even if your capacity to earn money has been impaired
Affordable premium, as purely risk insurance
Tax advantages under pillar 3a
Financial protection for earned income
Premium waiver in the event of incapacity to work

Be honest: does a disability pension make sense for me?

Yes, if...

… you are about to plan a family and wish to protect your joint livelihood.

… you make a major contribution to the household budget.

… you wish to maintain your standard of living and stay independent even in the worst case.

No, if...

… you have enough financial backing to safeguard your livelihood should you become unable to earn.

How do I provide for the future with whole life insurance in the 3rd pillar?

A disability pension is pure risk insurance. Since no capital is accrued, you benefit from affordable premiums. You can decide yourself whether to take out the disability pension in pillar 3a or 3b.

Which type of 3rd pillar is possible for me and how do they differ?

Pillar 3a (tied pension provision)

You can deduct your contributions from your taxable income.

You can pay a maximum of CHF 7,056 into pillar 3a each year. The maximum amount for self-employed persons without a pension fund is CHF 35,280.

If you are not yet making use of the maximum annual amount , it makes sense to take out a disability pension in pillar 3a.

Pillar 3b (flexible pension provision)

Taking out insurance in pillar 3b makes sense if you already make use of the maximum amount for your pension provision in pillar 3a.

If you do not earn – e.g. as a housewife, house-husband, pupil or student – you can also take out a disability pension in pillar 3b.

The contributions can be deducted from your taxes as flat-rate deductions.

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