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Helvetia Hausratversicherung

Household contents insurance. Home is where you feel safe and secure.

Protects your personal items, such such as your furniture, your clothes, your mobile phone or your cherished bike with Helvetia household contents insurance.
Round-the-clock assistance guaranteed 365 days a year
Fast claims payment after successful claim check
Up to 20% combination discount

The benefits we offer you

Whether it be water damage, a fire in the home or a break-in – household contents insurance covers damage to your personal belongings. All the movables inside your four walls are insured at reinstatement value.
Helvetia pays if:
  • a fire destroys your home furnishings.
  • as a result of a storm, water penetrates your building and damages your property.
  • due to a burst pipe, liquids or gas leak out and damage your household contents.
  • your glass items of furniture such as tabletops, glass cabinets or mirrors are damaged.
  • your home is broken into and items are stolen.
  • you are threatened and robbed.
Get up to 20% combined discount.

If you take out two products (household contents, private liability, travel insurance, building or legal protection insurance), you will receive a 5% combined discount. For each additional product we will grant you a further 5% discount. You can thus benefit from a combination discount of up to 20% on your entire policy.

Increase your cover to give you the extra protection you need.

Household contents all risks

Covers your household contents against all types of loss or damage. For example, if your mobile phone breaks or you arrive at your destination without your luggage.

Simple theft away from the home

Your mobile phone is stolen on the train? With this supplementary insurance, we pay for your stolen items.

Motorized bicycles and e-bikes

Covers e-bikes or mopeds capable of speeds of 25 km/h or faster against all types of theft, loss or damage.

Special valuables

For your personal valuables with an individual value of up to CHF 20,000.

Warranty extension

Our insurance allows you to extend the warranty by a further 3 years – for all electronic devices in the home, with a minimum value of CHF 300.


Insures you against losses you incur as a result of using the internet, such as credit card misuse, identity fraud, online shopping and much more besides.

Pet insurance

We take care of your costs should your dog or cat need veterinary treatment.


Your household contents are also insured in the event of an earthquake or volcanic eruption.

Building surroundings

You can, of course, also insure your plants, apiaries or summer houses and the swimming pool on your property.

Our services

Have you lost your keys and cannot get into your home? Or is a wasps’ nest causing you trouble? Our services make your everyday life easier.

Premium waiver

If you are unable to work, you no longer have to pay insurance premiums, but do continue to enjoy full insurance cover.

Waiver of gross negligence

In the event of your gross negligence, we do not reduce the benefits you are entitled to.

Home Assistance

On your behalf, we assume the cost of workmen’s services, removing wasps’, hornets’ or bees’ nests, measures taken immediately in the event of a technical defect and security services.

Locksmith service

We have all experienced it: all of a sudden, the key is gone and you cannot get into your home. We organize a workman for you.

Card blocking service

If you lose your SIM, debit or credit card, we take care of having it blocked.

Legal advice

Our independent legal service – Coop Rechtsschutz - advises you on all legal queries and legal disputes.

Psychological follow-up support

We will assist you after a traumatic event, such as a break-in, and will arrange for support from the right expert.

Update guarantee

We always settle your claim in accordance with the latest insurance terms that are best for you.


Under 27 years of age?

Helvetia YOUniverse bietet den optimalen Versicherungsschutz ganz nach Ihren Bedürfnissen at particularly attractive premiums.

No small print: when does a household contents insurance policy pay out, and when does it not?

Your insurance pays out if ...

… you suffer damage to or the loss of your household contents as a result of insured events. For example, a fire in the home, a lightning strike or water damage.

… you are broken into and lose your possession or are robbed with the use of force.

… insured water damage causes further damage to occur, such as a build-up of mould or pests.

… you have the supplementary ‘household contents all risks’ cover, for example, and your bicycle or mobile phone is stolen while you are out and about.

Your insurance does not pay out if ...

… losses arise as a result of unpredictable events such as war, terrorism, internal unrest or nuclear disasters.

… household contents used commercially or professionally are damaged.

… you damage your household contents intentionally.

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