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Payment options

Helvetia offers a range of solutions for paying your invoice – practical, fast and paperless wherever possible. You can decide which invoice to pay easily in the customer portal.
The easy way to pay: You receive the invoice directly in e-banking or mobile banking and approve it for payment.
1. Have your policy to hand
To register, we need your insurance policy number and the policyholder’s date of birth. Have this information ready.
2. Register via e-banking
Select "eBill" from the menu in e-banking. If you’re not yet registered with eBill, you can register with your e-mail address.
3. Add invoice issuer
Add Helvetia as an invoice issuer. To do this, search for the name of the company and click on "Add".
4. Registration form
Complete the registration form. You will receive e-mail confirmation once your bank has forwarded us your details.
5. Customer portal
After one-time registration for eBill, you can manage the payment options for other policies directly in the Helvetia customer portal. Check the boxes and pay digitally.

Information on pension solutions: No eBills will be issued for customers with private pensions and occupational benefit schemes. Instead, you can set up a convenient direct debit. Only invoices for business customer insurance and payment details for rental security deposits are currently still sent in paper form.

Direct debit (DD)

When setting up a direct debit, you authorize your bank or PostFinance to debit your account directly and transfer the invoiced amount to Helvetia (payment authorization). You can object to any debit within 30 days.

We offer our private pension, mortgage and rental customers the option of paying regularly via direct debit.

For pension solutions
Use the form if you want to make payments into your private pension via direct debit in future.
Go to form
For mortgage payments and rent
Enter your details if you would like to authorize debits for rent or payments connected to your mortgage. We will send you the relevant form.
Go to form

Payment slip/QR invoice

The practical QR invoice is replacing red and orange payment slips. These will no longer be in use after September 2022 following harmonization of Swiss payment transactions. Helvetia is also gradually switching to this new, efficient solution.

For e-banking
All payment details are saved in the QR code. Simply scan the invoice to pay via e-banking.

Note: If you have details from previous payment slips saved as payment templates in e-banking, you will need to enter the details from the QR invoice once and save these.
At the counter and deposit machines
Like the payment slips, QR invoices can be paid at the post office counter or using a deposit machine. They can also be sent by payment order in an envelope to the bank.

Frequently asked questions

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FAQ QR invoice

FAQ Direct debit

Direct debit form for mortgage customers and tenants
Set up the direct debit.
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