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Helvetia Versicherungen für Zuhause

Optimum cover for your home

At Helvetia, you will find all-round cover for your home tailored precisely to your protection needs.

Home and items

You wish to insure your possessions.

Household contents insurance

Insure the possessions inside your four walls. For property renters and owners.
The advantages for you
Financial cover for your items if they are damaged
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Household insurance

Your combined household contents and personal liability insurance. Covers everyone in your household.
The advantages for you
5% combination discount and extensive cover
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Youth insurance

Maximum flexibility for everyone under the age of 25 for personal liability, household contents, travel insurance and more.
The advantages for you
More favourable terms and option to combine benefits.
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Expat insurance

You are a newcomer to Switzerland and would like extensive insurance cover for the first three months.
The advantages for you
Welcome package with household contents and liability from CHF 1/day
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Helvetia Versicherungscheck
Do you have the right insurance? Find out now.
Our lives are changing. Do the check now and see if your insurance and pension are in step with your life.

For valuables

You own some particularly valuable items and wish to obtain the best possible cover for them.

Valuables insurance

Covers your particularly valuable items.
The advantages for you
You are reimbursed the replacement value.
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Art insurance

Protect your valuable works of art such as paintings, sculptures or antiques.
The advantages for you
Extensive cover for your artworks.
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Buildings and structures

Insure your own property, your installations or an upcoming construction project.

Buildings insurance

Insurance cover that supplements cantonal buildings insurance. Get financial cover for additional losses and yourself.
The advantages for you
All-round cover for your property
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Photovoltaic insurance

Insure your long-term investment in solar power against costly losses.
The advantages for you
Your investment in the system is protected over the long term.
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Geothermal probe insurance

Insure yourself and your equipment against expensive failures and follow-up costs.
The advantages for you
Your principal repayments remain on track in the event of a claim.
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Construction insurance

Provides financial cover in the event of accidents, property damage or bodily injury on your construction project.
The advantages for you
Extensive cover during your construction project.
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Helvetia Privathaftpflichtversicherung

Already taken out personal liability?

You only wish to take out one personal liability insurance policy? We provide optimum cover tailored to your wishes.