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Change in perspective: new thoughts, different views

Helvetia encourages its employees to come up with new ideas, think controversially and change their view now and then. Helvetia is venturing off the beaten track with its “change in perspective”. Ralph Jeitziner, Head of Distribution and Member of the Group Executive Board, experienced his first programme.

30. April 2019, text: Michaela Schaub, photo: Helvetia

A man stands at a lectern, looking at three screens.
During his change in perspective, Ralph Jeitziner was able to get back to the core of the business.

A change in perspective is beneficial to both employees and Helvetia itself. Employees can make new contacts within the company, establish a wider network, develop themselves personally and broaden their profile with new duties and experiences. Furthermore, employees contribute their expertise and have a better understanding of the interplay between different departments after the change in perspective. Helvetia benefits from the fact that silo mentalities are broken down and departments work together more effectively. In addition, it helps to change the culture – towards more agility, innovation and customer focus.

A Member of Group Executive Management bravely steps forward

Ralph Jeitziner, Head of Distribution and Member of Group Executive Management, took part in a change in perspective for two months. He spent this time in the Helvetia Service Center (HSC), which receives hundreds of customer calls a day. In this interview, Ralph Jeitziner talks about his experience in the HSC.

Ralph, why did you decide to take part in a “change in perspective”?

Because it’s exciting. My current role is very hierarchical and strategic. During my change in perspective, I was finally able to get back to the core of the business. It was clear that I would not suddenly become a member of the HSC team, but all of the colleagues there were very friendly and helpful. I gained a lot from it. I wanted to get a feel for the team and see what their day involves.

What did you experience?

It was a journey through the whole of Helvetia. I know my more immediate environment – my canton, so to speak – very well, and I like it, too. But there is much more to discover. This frees you from the daily routine and creates understanding for employees in other departments and divisions. In my case, it awoke my enthusiasm and joy for my company and my duties.

What inspired you?

Our staff in the HSC do a fantastic job. Here, they practise the customer focus we are always talking about. My highlight was the colleague I happened to listen in on: The customer called. First, she solved his problem, then she made him aware that his policy was due to expire soon and that additional risks were not yet covered. And she immediately arranged an appointment with his sales force employee. I congratulated her for her superb customer focus and the 360-degree advice she practised.

What is your conclusion?

I would recommend a change in perspective to everyone in the company. Even if it’s just for one day. Preferably in an area that challenges you the most in your day-to-day work. It shouldn't just be a migration – but with a little coordination it should work, for sure.

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