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«Helvetia is more digitalized than I thought»

Trainees and university graduates from Helvetia and IBM rubbed elbows at a joint workshop. Working in small groups and only via virtual channels, they brainstormed creative solutions for Helvetia’s new youth insurance product. At the end of the workshop, a jury that included Helvetia CCO Martin Tschopp chose a winner from among the four teams. Let’s hear what the participants themselves have to say about the experience.

25 May 2020

Michèle Schaub, university intern at next.generation@Helvetia
Michèle Schaub, university intern at next.generation@Helvetia

«I was a bit let down when I heard that the design-thinking workshop with IBM would not be a face-to-face event as originally planned, but ‘only’ virtual. But I was surprised how well it worked, thanks to a number of interesting tools that were new to me. None of us had or needed any prior knowledge to take part, and no one was assigned any fixed role. And yet it was soon obvious which sector each of us came from. It was really fascinating how the members of the group from IBM contributed their IT perspective and how that interacted with our own know-how. When it came to giving our presentation, I was a bit nervous, but the experience was totally cool. And I think it’s awesome that I got to know some new people from IBM.»

Michèle Schaub, next.generation university intern at Helvetia Insurance

Florian Duss, Master@IBM Banking and Financial Markets
Florian Duss, Master@IBM Banking and Financial Markets

«I had worked for an insurance company once before, so I was very surprised to discover what a large, diverse and digital company Helvetia is. When the participants called in, you could hear different accents and dialects from so many regions. Working together was a breeze. I never dreamt I’d be able to get to know new people during the coronavirus pandemic or that we would have so much fun together. Sure, it would’ve been nice to be able to chat with each other over a cup of coffee, but I’m pleased we’ll be able to do that at a later date: we’re all meeting up for an aperitif as soon as it’s possible, and I’m really looking forward to that!»

Florian Duss, Master@IBM Banking and Financial Markets

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