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Customer focus with flexibility and digital tools

Physical distancing may be the order of the day, but for Helvetia it’s still important to stay close to its customers. And it manages that by being flexible, taking a measured approach and deploying digital tools.

6 november 2020, text: Hansjörg Ryser, Sandra Biraghi, photo: Depositphotos

Kundennähe dank Flexibilität und digitalen Hilfsmitteln

These days, we spend a lot more of our time online: we buy tickets for public transport via an app, receive quotations as e-mail attachments and use online banking to pay our bills. The digital transformation is racing ahead in the insurance industry too, and ever more services can be handled via computer or smartphone. It is a trend that makes life a lot easier – especially in the current situation.

A personal consultation for your personal situation

But in-person consultation is still very important – precisely when the topic is your individual needs. Often, no off-the-shelf solution is available for your particular insurance and pension-planning requirements. What’s more, given the huge amount of information available, specialized help from a customer advisor can help keep you on course. Helvetia’s agencies remain open even in the current situation. It goes without saying that all necessary protective measures are taken during a consultation. We are also available to talk with you over the phone. Or what about a video conference? Our agencies are equipped for that as well, and would be happy to arrange an appointment with you.

Got a claim? Simply report it online

You can report everyday claims to Helvetia by filling in an online form. On our German-language website, visitors are even welcomed by Clara, who can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen: “Hi! How can I help you?” This digital assistant or chatbot can help you locate the information you want and even record your claims. Clara already handles one-quarter of all claims for bicycle theft in German-speaking Switzerland. She is busy learning Switzerland’s other official languages and will soon be available via WhatsApp as well.

Premium calculator and online checks

You don’t necessarily need a personal appointment with an advisor to calculate your premium. All it takes is a few clicks to find out the premium for your new car. Though increasingly important, pension planning is sadly often neglected. Gone are the days when it could be put off till later – in times of flexible working time models, it is becoming even more important. A salary increase, marriage, inheritance, divorce, retirement – life is filled with new situations that have an impact on your personal pension planning. Various online checks for pension provision, retirement and inheritances, as well as a tax calculator, give you a clear indication of whether and where you need to make provision.

All roads lead to Helvetia

The online checks are useful tools for getting your general bearings. But when the focus shifts to your own personal situation and the specific way you can achieve your goals, a consultation with an expert is the logical next step. That’s why Helvetia will continue to value personal contact going forward. Choose how you would like to contact us.