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Current value supplement insurance

Current value
Current value
When taking out a car insurance, you can include the current value supplement. Helvetia explains the advantage of a current value supplement insurance and clarifies what current value means.

How is the current value of your car calculated?

The current value provides information about the current market value of the car. When determining the current value, criteria such as the year of registration, the condition of the vehicle, the number of kilometers driven and the current estimated market value matter.

The current value of your car deteriorates steadily and declines especially sharply in the first few years in operation. This can be particularly annoying shortly after purchasing a new car. If your new dream car is then a total loss, you will not be reimbursed the catalogue price but a much lower amount. This substantial depreciation loss can be reduced with current value supplement insurance.

What is current value supplement insurance?

If you suffer a total loss, the insurance company usually pays the damage incurred based on the current value of your vehicle. With current value supplement insurance, you will be reimbursed for the current value to which a percentage is added. You will then ultimately be reimbursed for a higher amount than the current market value. You therefore do not have to bear the full aforementioned depreciation loss between the original catalogue price and the replacement value. This additional insurance coverage is therefore particularly worthwhile for new vehicles. Current value supplement insurance protects you not only in the event of a total loss but also if your car is stolen.

Comparison of current value supplement insurances

Helvetia distinguishes between current value supplement and current value supplementPLUS insurance.

Current value supplement
Current value supplement PLUS
Current value supplement

Good to know

With current value supplement insurance, a total loss is incurred if the repair costs in the first two years of operation amount to 65% of the catalogue price and then reach or exceed the current value. Without the current value supplement, on the other hand, a total loss is incurred if the repair costs are greater than or equal to the current value.

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The current value supplement can be taken out as part of partially comprehensive or fully comprehensive insurance. Benefit from a 10% online discount when taking out car insurance.

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