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Helvetia Kunstversicherung

Art insurance Artas

By insuring your valuable collections with Helvetia you can protect your art while benefitting from consulting services provided by renowned experts in the field.
Insurance cover­age against damage, destruction and loss, both on site and during transport
Assumption of recovery costs – e.g. travel expenses, customs fees, transport, legal costs
Assumption of costs for loss mitigation
Reimbursement of clearance and fire-extinguishing costs
Insurance can cover more than one site – with freedom of move­ment between the different sites

Why is it important to insure art?

Insurance coverage is essential for valuable works of art, whether these are paintings, sculptures or antiques. Because if they are lost or destroyed, the financial loss is not only limited to pure monetary value.

Recovery is also expensive: transport, customs and security charges can be incurred, as well as travel costs. Even if the art remains intact, you have to foot the bill for urgent safety measures, e.g. installing emergency glazing. You can insure such costs with an art insurance policy.

A brief guide to art insurance

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Our art experts have many years of experience with all types of art. They also bring comprehensive expertise and excellent contacts in the international art scene. Benefit from their advice.

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