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Helvetia Photovoltaikversicherung

Photovoltaics insurance. Protects your investment in solar power.

Helvetia photovoltaic insurance protects your long-term investment in sustainable energy against costly damage.
Immediate insurance protection as of commencement of operation
Loss of income also insured from the outset
Reinstatement value cover for modules for ten years

The benefits we offer you

A photovoltaic installation is a major investment. Our photovoltaic insurance means you don’t have to cover the cost of system failures, whether caused by operating damage, theft or a storm. It covers the repairs and compensates you for lost yield.

When does photovoltaics insurance pay up and when does it not?

Your insurance will pay if ...

… a marten gets into the wiring and bites through the inverter cables.

… two inverters fail due to defective circuit boards in a system, and the manufacturer is unable to provide immediate replacements.

… a module is damaged by external influences such as rockfall.

… wilful damage.

Your insurance will not pay if ...

… damage occurs as a result of ongoing, foreseeable effects such as wear and tear, corrosion and ageing.

... damage occurs for which the manufacturer or vendor is legally or contractually liable.

... shortfalls occur due to reduced effectiveness.

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