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«My nerves disappear the minute I start singing.»

Our apprentice Morena Guirao, who loves singing, tells us how she came to Helvetia, what she has liked about her apprenticeship so far, and what singing means to her.

7 November 2018, author: Employer Branding, photo: Helvetia

A band on a stage.
Our apprentice Morena Guirao is a passionate singer.

Morena, why did you decide to do a sales apprenticeship at Helvetia?

The range of training opportunities Helvetia offers won me over straight away. During our training all apprentices work in two or three departments, and in addition to that we are able to do a placement at a general agency, which gives us an even deeper insight into the company and the profession. This diversity and the opportunities on offer such as workshops to introduce or revise for the final apprenticeship exam were so appealing that I wasn't interested in anything else.

How did you find out about Helvetia back then?

As my parents also work at Helvetia I already knew a bit about the company, and then I found lots more information on the Helvetia website. 

If you had to describe your time as an apprentice in three words – which three words would you choose?

  • Educational
  • Exciting
  • Caring (employees)

What has been your best/funniest experience at Helvetia so far?

I've been at Helvetia for just over a year now and a lot of funny and good things have happened. One of the good things happens on a daily basis and that the support of my team. Before my apprenticeship I spent a lot of time wondering what the work and my colleagues would be like, but they made me feel part of the team right from the start. That was and is a really lovely feeling. 

You're also passionate about singing, a hobby which you are pursuing tirelessly alongside your apprenticeship at Helvetia. How did you get into singing and what have you achieved so far?

In my third year at school I started playing the guitar, but I soon switched over to singing. Then after six years of primary education it was time to look for a secondary school. The Oberstufenzentrum Grünau secondary school in Wittenbach has a talent school for gifted music students which you can attend for the three years you are there, so I registered for the entry exam and passed. In those three years I learnt a lot, was able to try out various different instruments and also perform on stage.

I still have singing lessons today, play the piano a lot at home, and every now and then I sing at weddings or other events.

How do you feel when you're on stage?

With the help of the talent school my confidence on stage increased constantly. When I performed on stage the first few times I was so nervous that I actually stopped enjoying singing, but that has changed a lot over time.

After four years of regular stage experience I now feel very at home there and am confident performing. Of course I still get nervous, to a greater or lesser extent depending on the occasion, but that feeling goes as soon as I start singing. 

Final question: Do you have a favourite song, Morena?

No, I don't. I listen to a whole range of different genres, but I really like Spanish music. 

Thanks very much for your time, Morena. We hope you enjoy the rest of your apprenticeship, that it goes well and that you have plenty more successful singing appearances.

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