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Alina Bleichenbacher

Lateral entrants at Helvetia

Were you previously employed in a service industry and want to embark on something new? If so, a change of career at Helvetia could be the right thing for you.

We are often looking for customer advisors to join our sales force. And we will do everything we can to support you along the path to your new career.

Do you have professional qualifications and experience, like customer contact and haven't yet found the job that is the best fit for you personally? Then you've come to the right place.

We want to tell you about a job that is particularly suited to people coming from positions in the services sector: become a customer advisor at Helvetia.

This are the advantages of switching to our sales force:

Lateral entry in sales force
"Me? At an insurance company? There must be some mistake (laughs). But then I spoke to a colleague who has been doing the job for a while and the idea started to appeal to me." – Caroline Stalder, customer advisor in the sales force at Olten General Agency

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