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Corporate Secu­rity Ser­vices

Symbol image – Florian Nägele
Symbol image – Florian Nägele
We fight the baddies and protect the business from intruders.

What exactly do you do?

We offer active protection services as well as security governance and project support.

The following teams are involved in this:

  • Our Web Access Management team protects and authorizes the internet- interfacing services.
  • Our Cyber Defence Centre controls and monitors our applications and networks. 
  • The Identity and Access Services team manages users and their roles and permissions. 
  • Our Information Security Management System team applies guidelines and best practices to define the security standards, 
  • and our Information Security Projects Team supports the implementation of these security standards in projects.

How do you do this?

We know our company and its IT architecture. Best practices and internationally recognized security standards and frameworks help us to ensure data security at Helvetia. We also use specialist applications in our daily work to secure and monitor our IT environment.

What are your challenges?

The continuous development of the digital world and the technologies associated with it present a major challenge. New projects require new knowledge that either has to be found externally or built up internally. Cyber crime is rapidly on the increase and a further challenge that we counter with the help of our colleagues and the appropriate measures.

What are your highlights?

Working with information security takes us into every division in the company. We are involved from start to finish – from the beginning of a project until the point where the IT solution is no longer used. We work very closely with our information security officer colleagues at the international branches so we can pass on our thoughts on information security and protect Helvetia from cyber crime more effectively.

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