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Helvetia transforms logistics and freight companies into insurance professionals

Helvetia Insurance is enabling logistics and freight companies to take out comprehensive transport insurance for their customers in less than 120 seconds via a simple and unique web application. This user-friendly online solution has been developed in close collaboration with former customers.
07.10.2019 | Media releases
Using a newly developed web application called "PuMarSpeed", Helvetia is giving logistics companies, freight companies and hauliers worldwide the opportunity of directly offering their customers transport insurance. The web application's simple user interface is based on the latest technology and enables insurance to be taken out in less than 120 seconds. The insurance premiums are displayed as the details are being input, giving customers an immediate overview of all the costs and benefits. Once the input process is complete, the insurance certificate is displayed with a single click. And it's possible to produce reports on insured shipments. "PuMarSpeed" also provides a data interface to logistics and freight companies' systems, further simplifying the processes. The web application runs independently of time and place, knows no national or system boundaries and meets all compliance requirements.
Developed in close collaboration with customers
The new service provides benefits for all concerned, as Pascal Barbato, Head Marine, Aviation and Art at Helvetia, explains: "Thanks to the web application, logistics and freight companies can offer their customers an additional service quickly and easily. These customers can be sure that their goods are being insured with a leading transport insurer. And thanks to the web application, Helvetia can have a presence where there is a need for transport insurance."
"PuMarSpeed" was developed in conjunction with a world-leading Swiss freight and logistics company and Willis Towers Watson AG, one of the leading industry brokers for freight and logistics customers in Switzerland and worldwide. Both companies made a significant contribution to developing the application, thereby ensuring that an optimum solution was developed for users. "Increasing efficiency is of great importance for logistics and freight customers, and the application optimally maps the current process requirements for all those concerned, generating lucrative benefits for our customers and ourselves", says Christina Hetscher, Head of Marine at Willis Towers Watson AG.
You can find further information on "PuMarSpeed" at: www.helvetia.com/pumarspeed

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