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Helvetia insures Swiss car of the year via digital channels

Helvetia is entering into a cooperation agreement with the Swedish electric car manufacturer Polestar in the Swiss market. The focus will be on customer convenience. Helvetia's motor vehicle insurance can now be concluded directly via Polestar's digital sales platform.
29.04.2021 | Media releases
At the end of 2020, the fully electric fastback saloon Polestar 2 was selected by a high-calibre specialist jury as "Swiss car of the year" for 2021. The young brand Polestar is a joint venture between the two automotive manufacturers Volvo Cars and Geely. In the Swiss market, the company committed to a partnership with Helvetia on 12 April 2021.
Direct link to digital sales channels
Customers can configure their electric car to their wishes on the Polestar website. After putting together the vehicle, they have the option of taking out insurance directly via the digital channel. Users are redirected to a Helvetia landing page. Helvetia is then present where the need for insurance arises. Customers benefit from a bespoke insurance solution and simple processing. This is a good example of customer convenience, which will play an even more important role as part of the new strategy helvetia 20.25. Tilo Schroiff, Head International Automotive Business at Helvetia, comments: "The cooperation with Polestar shows how easy it can be to take out insurance via a digital channel and exemplifies the many benefits of a collaboration between car manufacturers and insurance."
Positioning in the rapidly growing electro-mobility market
"Helvetia has already entered into numerous international partnerships in the automotive sector. Thanks to Polestar we're paving the way for this type of cooperation in Switzerland with 'think globally, act locally' in mind", says Tilo Schroiff. With Polestar, Helvetia has now acquired an important automotive cooperation partner in its domestic market. Because electric vehicles are becoming more firmly established in Switzerland too, Helvetia is positioning itself in an attractive market environment. Polestar marks the beginning of a further phase of expansion for Helvetia Automotive – precisely in the electro-mobility segment.

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