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Atlanto launches extensive range of functions for start-ups and SMEs

On 1 January 2021, Helvetia launched the online platform Atlanto together with the Institute for Young Entrepreneurs (IFJ) and other partners. After being further developed over the past few months, Helvetia spin-off Atlanto is now providing an extensive end-to-end package to make day-to-day administration easier for start-ups and SMEs. Helvetia is thus setting itself apart in an attractive customer segment.
31.08.2021 | Media releases
Atlanto (www.atlanto.ch) has a crystal clear vision and mission: the platform helps both small and medium-sized enterprises and business starters to chart a successful course to the digital future and allows all stakeholders to network. Atlanto digitalizes administrative processes along the value chain – from order and quotation management through product range and customer relationship management (CRM) to financial accounting and time management. With Atlanto, even preparing a business plan is child’s play. This enables users to concentrate more on their core business and become more efficient and effective in their business activities. Helpful blog entries, checklists and courses are also available, allowing customers to find out about the topics of relevance to them, regardless of what stage of development the enterprise is at.
Building a distinct position in an alternative area of business
The Swiss insurance market is an attractive but competitive one for SMEs and start-ups. Through the online platform Atlanto, Helvetia is building a distinct position in an alternative area of business, which aligns with the new helvetia 20.25 strategy. Martin Jara, CEO of Helvetia Switzerland, says: "Making day-to-day life easier for start-ups and SMEs – that’s what Atlanto is about. Helvetia is thus leveraging opportunities in the extended services business. On the one hand, Atlanto generates fee income. But that’s not front and centre. Atlanto’s main aim is that we reinforce customer loyalty by making often laborious administration decidedly easier for our customers."
Adrian Kollegger, Head of Non-Life Switzerland, adds: "More time for what’s important – that’s what we promise our Atlanto customers. How is it accomplished? The online platform has been made so clear and simple that even unpleasant tasks are easy. I am proud to be supporting our customers on their business journey."
The online platform will continue to be further developed going forward – so that new functions make day-to-day business even easier for start-ups and SMEs.

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