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Art Prize winner Anita Mucolli at LISTE 2022

10.06.2022 | Media releases
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Swiss artist Anita Mucolli (*1993) creates immersive room installations in which she reflects on possible future scenarios. Her rooms are often reminiscent of film scenarios or theatre backdrops, combining the familiar and the alien at the same time. Anyone who enters the room becomes part of it; the borders between reality and fiction become blurred. 
Rooms with story-telling potential
For Anita Mucolli, a room is not only a physical space, but also has an anthropological dimension that combines our cultural time-related concepts with imagined spaces and places which we know from, for example, literature, film and theatre. A room thus takes on various functions. We do not simply occupy it, but together we think about our past, our present and our future.
(Un)known life forms
The artist’s latest work is an installation reminiscent of scenery from a sci-fi film, full of bizarre creatures. They are part of a series of monsters and fantastical beings, imagined for us by authors, filmmakers and artists, to accustom our senses to life forms that our eyes can never see. Ranging from micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses through all types of cells to the inhabitants of the deep seas, life offers us forms with which we feel an association even though we don't really know them.
“The other”
In the work that Anita Mucolli will show at the LISTE Art Fair Basel 2022, she will present an idea of planet Earth's past and future: A tiled swimming pool as a habitat for creatures and life forms which, immersed in an unfamiliar fluid, continue to develop. Perhaps they are embryos, prototypes or models of life forms that do not yet have a function or place in the universe and which have therefore become temporary sculptures.

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