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Helvetia with an outstanding capital position

Helvetia is reporting an excellent SST ratio of 331% for the 2022 financial year. With its strong solvency and a balanced risk position, the Group's financial condition is highly resilient and solid.
27.04.2023 | Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR
Helvetia is publishing its Financial Condition Report for the 2022 financial year today. As at 1 January 2023, the Group has an SST ratio of 331% (1 January 2022: 260%) and therefore clearly exceeds the regulatory requirements. The increase compared with the previous year is due primarily to the good results in 2022 and the impact of capital market trends such as the rise in risk-free interest rates. Moreover, the SST ratio also benefited from the sale of the Spanish life insurance company Sa Nostra Vida. Helvetia's solvency is thus still excellent. The strong capitalisation and balanced risk position underscore the resilience of the Group's business model and earnings power. 
The continued strong balance sheet of Helvetia also supports an attractive dividend policy. Helvetia is therefore well placed to ensure a sustainable increase in dividends in line with the helvetia 20.25 strategy.  

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