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Art Prize winner Jonas Van Holanda at Liste Art Fair Basel

The Helvetia Art Prize 2022 went to Jonas Van Holanda. Consequently, the artist is now presented with the opportunity to exhibit his work at this year's Liste Art Fair in Basel. Under the title "Disambiguation", Van Holanda presents sculptures that open up new approaches to linguistic expression.
12.06.2023 | Media releases
Jonas Van Holanda (1989*), who was born in Brazil, explores a wide variety of topics in his artistic work. In his solo show at this year's Liste Art Fair Basel, the artist shows an installation called "Disambiguation". The sculptures created for the exposition shine a light on alternative forms of communication. 
In his series of crystal dental prostheses, the artist has created hybrid devices that address the distinct dynamics inherent in language. Instead of teeth, crystals are embedded into jaws of different trans people. The clinical materiality and sharp edges of the precious stones juxtapose the deep, physically palpable sounds of the bass and the gently swinging pendulum above. The dentures operate as a "glossary of language" and thus enable a different approach to linguistic expression.
New approaches to linguistic norms
Titled "Disambiguation", the sculptures elucidate the process of identifying which meaning of a word is used in context by breaking away from fixed modes of expression, embracing alternative forms of communication and challenging linguistic norms and dominant narratives. They seek clarity as much as elusiveness. Metaphorically, the different jaws are a means to explore alternative modes of expression that prioritize empathy, inclusivity, and transformative dialogue.
The tooth motive in dream analysis
Hardly anything is more frequently cited in dream analysis than the image of our teeth falling out: Loss and change, but also rebirth and renewal are commonly associated with this. The loss of teeth represents the shedding of old layers to make way for new experiences and identities, thus signifying the potential for continuous growth.
Learn more about Jonas Van Holanda's work in the video:

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