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Site-specific art projects

For Helvetia, the planning of new buildings is also an opportunity to work together with artists and to create works of art for a specific site. The idea is that art and architecture should be mutually enhancing and together form an all-embracing art form.

Hans Danuser

Hans Danuser is a Zurich-based artist whose oeuvre comprises installations, photographs, and percent-for-art projects, many of which address scientific themes.

The project of Hans Danuser

Daniel Robert Hunziker

Daniel Robert Hunziker is an object artist and conceptualist whose entire oeuvre is informed by his architectural grasp of the division and modelling of space, as is especially apparent in his precision choice of materials and colours.

The project of Daniel Robert Hunziker

Pipilotti Rist

Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist invites viewers to embark on a journey of the senses, transporting them into wondrous worlds where they can roam amid colours, corpuses, and the world of nature.

The project of Pipilotti Rist
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