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Employees and sustainability culture

As an attractive employer, we pursue a far-sighted HR policy for our workforce of more than 4,500 employees in Switzerland. We support our employees and attach considerable importance to their health, their well-being in the workplace and opportunities for continuing development.
We respect and promote the diversity and uniqueness of our workforce. Through our Diversity@helvetia Strategy 20.25, we wish to ensure a balanced mix of generations and genders, opportunities for lifelong learning and the transfer of knowledge.
Did you know?

Since 2021, Helvetia Switzerland has had an internal "Diversity Council": a team of 22 employees from different divisions and hierarchical levels, of different ages and comprising all genders. The Council members devote their time and attention mainly to four topics: women in management positions, implicit bias, recruitment and the building of communities.

Our employees' satisfaction

Our employees' satisfaction is very important to us. In face-to-face discussions with our employees, and through the Culture Survey conducted among employees every two years, we gain a picture of the status of our corporate culture and our employees' satisfaction.

In our last Culture Survey in 2021, our employees rated the aspects "Trust", "Enthusiasm" and "Leadership" as particularly good.

Human Resources Strategy 20.25

Through our Group-wide Human Resources Strategy 20.25 (HR Strategy), we promote sustainability in the workplace. Our aim in implementing the HR Strategy 20.25 is to contribute to the achievement of the company's objectives in the three strategic directions "Workforce transformation", "Talent and succession management" and "Efficiency". Our HR Strategy is centred around promoting a diverse employee structure in terms of origin, gender, education, skills, and basic attitudes and life views. The Strategy's implementation involves a wide range of initiatives, processes and tools that are tailored to local needs by the country markets.

We promote science, education, culture and a wide range of social concerns. We concentrate on select projects from local institutions and charitable organisations. Many initiatives that originally started on a small scale have developed into long-term partnerships that we are proud of.

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