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Cancelling insurance

Would you like to cancel your insurance and switch to Helvetia? Or are you no longer satisfied with the services of Helvetia? The following options show how you can simply cancel your insurance.
The easy way to cancel insurance:
Date of cancellation
The date on which you can cancel your insurance depends on the insurance and insurance company. You can find further details about your contract terms in your insurance contract or the Standard Terms of Insurance (STI).
Notice period
Your notice of cancellation must reach your insurer no later than the last day before the notice period ends. It is not sufficient if the date of the postmark is the last possible day. You can find further details concerning the notice period in your insurance contract or the Standard Terms of Insurance (STI).
Letter of cancellation
The cancellation must be made in writing. Cancellation notices are usually sent by registered mail. To ensure that the cancellation is received and accepted, it is recommended to request a written confirmation.
Premium increase
If your premium is raised for the subsequent year you can also switch your insurance. The cancellation notice must reach your insurer no later than the last day of the current insurance year.
In the event of a claim
Have you received a payment or another benefit from your insurance company after a claim? In this case you can cancel your contract up to a maximum of 14 days after acknowledging the payment.
Cancelling your car insurance
Would you like to cancel your car insurance? You can find further information including a cancellation template here.
Would you like to cancel your contract with Helvetia?
We are very sorry that you are dissatisfied with the service of Helvetia and are considering cancelling your insurance. Please inform us of your concern so that we can find a solution together.
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